New Scale New Beginning

So, I haven’t written in awhile.  My scale was acting up and I couldn’t figure out my weight.  Although that shouldn’t be an excuse for not writing, it is my excuse for letting things get out of control.  I weigh 179 lbs.  I really have to get things back into check, before it goes out of control.

Some motivation right now would be great.  But, that boat has sailed, so now I need to rely on commitment.  Although my commitment to losing weight has been, well, non-existent in the last 6 months, my commitment to maintenance has been steady.  I have stayed in the low to mid 170s for at least a year now.  I need that back, and fast.. after all there is ANOTHER wedding I have to go to in 2 weeks and I need my clothes to fit!

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  1. That’s true, motivation waxes and wanes… usually wanes for me. LOL

  2. there is a great quote about motivation being something that needs renewing daily, like showering

    I don’t know why we somehow get a message that you “get motivated” like you “get married” or something instead of thinking about “get motivated” like “get hungry”…. arrives repeatedly, needs dealing with again and again…

    Good for you for achieving the maintenance side at least!

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