Spring Focus – Late Week 2 Report

The final number for week 2 was 173.6, a gain for the week.  I weighed the same thing today too.

Food has been challenging, exercise has been challenging.  I’m not motivated or committed to losing weight, and I just can’t find that drive that I used to have. I’m trying at the minimum just to stay the same. If I can lose all the better.  I am just so frustrated with myself.  I had hoped to be 169 for tomorrow when I have to go to this wedding.  In the grand scheme of things, I know 4 pounds isn’t going to make it or break it, but it is about reaching my goals.

We have another wedding next Friday too, so I’ll aim for 169 for that day and try again.

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  1. On the bright side, you’re not gaining and you’ve done a fantastic job at maintaining. 🙂 I know that’s not as rewarding as losing, but it does mean that when (yes, WHEN!) you do reach final maintenance, you’re going to be fantastic at it!

  2. I agree w Anna, I think maintaining sometimes is a HUGE victory.

    How about making a goal for next Friday to be 1 pound less than this week? It’s not the number in your head, but it’s more attainable and if you are down two you’ll feel you EXCEEDED your goal instead of being 171 & feeling like a failure… I’m a big believer in only making goals you can realistically meet (and in fact I prefer goals I can exceed – better motivation!)

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