Faking It

So, I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I think I am some what uncomfortable with the idea of getting smaller.  I don’t want to attract attention, I like being my invisible self.  And I think this is the reason why I have been so hesitant to lose more.  It all stems to a […]

The Fog is Lifting

Well, yesterday I weighed in at 165.2 lbs, so you can imagine my utter shock this morning when I saw 167.8 lbs.  That is 2.6lbs in one day.  I don’t even think I ate that badly, or did I?  Either way, watching the scale go up is exactly what I needed to get my act […]


Well I’ve been away for awhile.  I was sick.. there were some stressful family situations.. and I am exhausted.  I lost like 5 lbs because of my flu.. so my low weight was at 164.6 lbs.  These days I’m around 166 lbs.  But, I am starving, and eating like crap, so I figure that will […]