Monday Weigh In, on Tuesday

I try to at least post something on Monday.  Yesterday’s weigh in was 169.8 lbs. I’m up from last week, but shockingly, on Sunday I was 167.8 lbs, so that was a 2 lb gain in one day, attributed to the copious amounts of food I had this weekend. My aunt from Ottawa was here […]

Monday Weigh In

I weighed in at 169.4 lbs.  I’ve been holding steady in this area.  I’m thankful for that, but at the same time I would love to see some progress.  This weekend was a little rough.  I started my psoriasis medication and birth control.  I think it was a lot for my body to handle so […]

Back to Life

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I went to the dermatologist.  It is a project for me to go to any doctor appointment because for the most part, my doctors are in downtown Toronto.  Yesterday, we dropped Yumna to school and all headed downtown.  We dropped DH to work and then Safi and I hung out in […]

Back to Day One

When I joined 3FC almost a year ago, I was in pretty bad shape.  Not just with respect to the weight, which was sitting at 213 lbs.  But, also with respect to my skin, which is why I named myself paperSkin.  Well, my skin is in pretty bad shape again, very similar to what it […]

Fashionably Late

I intended on starting the New Year at 169.9 or less.  It didn’t quite happen, until today.  I weighed in today at 169.6 lbs.  I am really determined not to see the 170s again.  It has been a long journey getting out of them. I remember the first time I was in the 170s was […]

Happy New Year and Tie Your Camel!

January 1st weigh in:  170.6 lbs January 2nd weigh in: 171.0 lbs I’ve already gained weight this year!  It’s okay though, we had a holiday dinner on January 1st at my BILs house.  There was turkey, stuffing, all the other yummy treats.  I made a cake and brownies, and the sugar laden cranberry sauce. But […]