Day 3 – Part II

Okay, so I went to Kitchener to visit my friend.  She is in a really bad state.  Her Mom was feeding her, she couldn’t talk, walk.. I was happy to get a beautiful smile from her.  I wasn’t in any way prepared for this.  I had no idea that she was in this bad of […]

Day 3

An early post today, but so far things are going great.  I weighed in at 172.6 lbs today. Yesterday I was totally on plan.  For breakfast, Fibre1 with milk, lunch was a little bit of brown rice with green beans and chickpeas and a large green salad, and for dinner, I made cabbage, lentils, brown […]

Day 2

Well, I’m off to a good start.  I weigh the same as yesterday.  After posting here yesterday I was so good.  I even exercised a bit.. a short bit, as I was interrupted, but at least it was a start.  I find starting the hardest part.  Today I want to exercise for 30 mins, stay […]

Back At It

Well, I weighed in today at 173.8 today, so I’ve put on a few pounds since the last time I posted.  We had our religious holiday on Sunday which is filled with a lot of eating and visiting, so I’m actually not that upset about the number considering the effort I’ve made in the last […]

Back to School

So Yumna starts school today.  She only has to go for half an hour, and I have to go with her, but its the first day.  Then tomorrow she goes for two hours, and Friday for four hours.  Starting Monday she goes full days. My SIL is with us too, she started school today too, […]

On to the next goal

Yesterday I was 171.  That is so so close to 170.  Which is close to 169.9, which is where I want to go next. I was thinking about it, but now I can make my mini goals as small as I want.  And get excited every step of the way.  So here is how it’s […]