Actually 184.4 but I just wanted to give 185 it’s due respect!  This is the weight that I am probably most comforable at.. I was this weight after delivering both Yumna and Safiya.  I feel so great… 185 is different this time.. I have so much energy. Yesterday you’d think I’d taken speed.. I did […]


I’m so excited that my magnolia tree is in big time bloom.  It looks so gorgeous.  It was one of the best surprises I got after moving into this house.  2 years ago around this time of year is when I went through that whole hypermesis incident.  I was sick at home and driving myself […]


I weighed in at 187.0 lbs. I should be jumping off the roof with excitement.. I don’t know what is wrong with me.. I am still feeling really blah.  I was so psyched for this weekend, but it ended up being very stressful.  Eating wise I think I did great.. but exercise was not so […]

The Weekend is Here..

This weekend is supposed to be soo so so beautiful so I am really looking forward to it. We already went out today and played in the backyard for about an hour.. we played tag, soccer and some weird form of ball hockey with tiny hockey sticks and a huge ball.  Whatever makes the kids […]

The Tantrums Have Started..

Well little Safi is almost 18 months and it looks like this week she decided that she was going to start her terrible two’s tantrums.  My goodness..  I am pretty sure I got all the white hair that I have because of Yumna’s tantrums and then potty training.  Now I think my hair will go […]

Melba Rounds 12 Grain Canapes

These are my newest favourite snack.  First of all, the calorie count is good at 10 calories each.  The recommended serving size is 7, which is perfect for a light snack.  They are perfect with hummus, or laughing cow cheese or regular cheese for that matter.  This weekend I ate them with the bruchetta mix […]

No More Free Workouts

Well not exactly, but on Saturday I went to do my Walk Away the Pounds on YouTube and it was gone!! Violation of Copyright Rules.  I know, I know.. It was too good to be true.  But it’s gone. I love Leslie and her 80’s crew of walkers.  I wasn’t the least cool one in […]

A Wonderful Weekend and Weigh In

Saturday was Yumna’s birthday party with her friends.  This is the first time I’ve thrown a party for a bunch of little girls.. it was the BEST! The kids were so cute and adorable and they had such a good time.  I had lots of activities for them.. they decorated their own jewelry box, they […]

I hate Fat Stores

I hate them.  Everything about them. They suck! So yesterday I went shopping.  Tomorrow is Yumna’s birthday party with her friends, and their Moms. Their skinny, beautiful, gorgeous, and did I mention skinny Moms.  So I was thinking, maybe a new shirt to show off my new body. (That was funny).. Seriously the sad part […]

Loving the W8 Challenge

Well, I gotta say these little tiny stars have me working hard.  I can’t tell you how excited I was yesterday to get a green star. Now I want two of them!  I feel like a five year old getting a star for making my bed.  Whatever works I guess! So we’re going to visit […]