No Pedicure Yet..

Well, when I hit 193 I was totally going to give myself a pedicure.. but I didn’t have time.. now I have some time and I can’t. I’m back to 194.4.   Sunday was so busy, with a visit to my friend’s house for her daughter’s birthday party and then dinner at my Mom’s house.  Yesterday […]

Food Fight!

There is a food fight in my house EVERY DAY!  My eldest daughter Yumna, who will be 4 years old next week, gives me a really hard time to eat.  Ask her to eat healthy food, and you have a battle.. ask her to eat candy, popsicles or chocolate, and she can’t have enough.  Her […]

Earth Hour

Just a reminder about Earth Hour.. it’s tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. EST.  It’s something small we can do for the environment, and it’s kind of cool that it’s a global effort. Last year we participated and I remember it was not as easy as we thought it was going to be.  Safiya was only 4 […]

The Weather is Getting Better

Yesterday we went for a nice walk with the whole family.. to do what? Drop off the dry cleaning!  I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday how we used to walk to do everything.  There is really no reason why we shouldn’t be doing our local errands by foot.  We are walking distance to […]

GOAL!! (okay.. Mini-Goal!)

I am so happy.. today I got on the scale and it said 193.0lbs!!! I am shocked!!  This mini goal thing is such an amazing idea it really gets you motivated to keep going.  I am so pumped.. and my reward.. a pedicure.  It will probably be a home one, but I’m totally making time […]

Gmaps Pedometer

Okay I am obsessed with the Gmaps Pedometer website.  You can make a map of your walk or run and figure out how far you have walked.  It is so fun to come back from a long walk and put in your route, and figure out how far you went.. and then develop new routes […]

A Really Bad Picture

So here it is. Here is the worst picture I have ever seen of myself.  I was so pissed off when my friend posted it on Facebook, but I was too embarassed to say anything to her.  I’m posting two pictures.. 3 minutes between pictures so I’m sure the first one is just a REALLY […]

194.6 lbs.

Where were you yesterday on weigh in day? Well.. better that you showed up today, than never.

Weigh In Monday

So its Monday and I didn’t get a chance to get on the computer until now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t do so hot in my weigh in this week. I weighed in at 196.2 lbs. I am actually shocked because I was 195.2lbs on Saturday morning, and I was really good this weekend food wise.  The […]

Spring is Here!

I’m bringing sexy back.  Okay, maybe not.  But I am back to 195.8lbs.  So now I just have to work hard this weekend to get down to 195.  Thats my goal for this week.  It’s not a lofty goal.  Just 1.8lbs for the week. I’m so excited that it is the first day of Spring […]