The Juice Monster No Longer Lives Here

Well.. I didn’t realize just how much I was addicted to juice until I saw that it has taken 14 days for my kids to finish the juice that was in the fridge when I started the diet. We would spend so much money on juice it was unbelievable.. probably $10 a week. That’s $40 […]

Living in a Dream Land..

And so we returned the scale. It’s about the journey, right?? So I’m going to continue living in a world that is six pounds lighter.. which means today I am at 200!!! yeah! The weekend was harder than I expected.. on Friday we had some friends over.. we had to offer them more than beans […]


I think my scale is off.. like by at least five pounds. I have been hanging out between 200 and 201 this weekend using my cheap IKEA scale. I was so happy.. thinking that soon enough I’ll be going into the ones again.. and what happened today? We decided that since we’re using the scale […]

Another Unlikely Partner

So it was my last day of Phase I.. It went horribly.. I didn’t drink enough water.. I didn’t exercise… I ate okay until dinner time.. then I had an egg salad sandwich and half a cookie.. totally not allowed.. My daughter has been doing the exercise videos with me.. we usually do them when […]

Phase I Done!

So today is the last day of Phase I of my Fat Smash diet.  I’m so happy to report that I’ve lost 9 pounds!!! Wohoo.. I’m 201 today…  I can’t wait to get out of the 200s.. to me that 200 pound mark is one that for the longest time I was so upset about […]

An Unlikely Partner

Well, my husband has joined me in the diet.. I’m so happy to have him join the effort because it would be harder without him.  He loves junk food and truely has been my partner and food friend in getting us both overweight.  That being said, he never put the food in my mouth. So […]

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater..

Seriously.. what was the guy thinking when he wrote that one… its more like cheater, cheater, chocolate eater! Who in there right mind would cheat by eating pumpkin? Maybe french fries.. So lets start with Sunday.. still not as much exercise as I would like, but food wise not so bad.. in fact if anything […]

A Celebration of Love

So today is Valentine’s Day.. and doing this is my expression of love for myself. I think I have to keep reminding myself this, that by exercising and eating well I am loving myself.. this is the treat.. not the cookies 🙂 Yesterday my husband I celebrated Valentine’s Day by leaving the kids at my […]

And so the diet begins..

Well, yesterday was my first day of my diet..  It was rainy and miserable so I couldn’t get outside to go for a walk as I had planned.  So, the kids and I went into the living room and had a dance party. As for food.. I was pretty good. Breakfast – Hot Water with […]

A Fresh Start

Well, I’ve decided to give myself a fresh start.. I’m doing a number of things these days and hoping this will make a difference in my happiness. 1.  I’ve got a skin condition called psoriasis, (hence the name, paperSkin) and I’m trying to get it under control.  I’m doing this by using my topical medications, […]