What a few weeks it has been!  Lots of worrying and stress!  We are having such a hard time with our teenage boy right now and that is all I have been focused on.  My work stess has gotten a lot better.  I love my co-workers and now that I am used to working the evening shift again I feel much better.  I have learned that I can’t be perfect but as long as I am being safe and doing the best that I can, that’s all I can expect from myself.  As much as I loved the night shift I didn’t truly realize just how sleep deprived I was!  Now that I am sleeping through the night I feel so much better.  I am getting so much more done on my days off.  Now, I just have to work on improving things with my son.  It’s breaking my heart 🙁
On the diet and exercise front I haven’t been on track at all.  I haven’t been working out at all, and the only exercise I get is during my shifts at work, where I walk a lot.  I have been packing healthy dinners and snacks but I haven’t been as good on my days off.  It’s time to get back on track.  The stresses are still going to be there whether I workout and eat right or not, so I might as well be taking care of myself.  I am re-starting the exercise rotation that I made up tomorrow.