I did my first workout in a long time and boy can I feel it today.  I did a cardio boxing/kickboxing dvd so my arms are especially sore.  I can also tell that I worked my core well too.  I am usually not a huge fan of boxing style workouts but this one was fun and the time seemed to go by quickly.

I am still reading Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, and am enjoying it.  One thing that is going to be hard for me to trust is that I need to eat more calories.  Whenever, I decide to get back on track I usually try to keep my calories around 1200 – 1500, but according to the book that is too low for a person of my size, especially if I follow through and complete the planned 6 days a week of intense exercise.  I figured out using the formula in the book what my daily caloric needs are and while it’s higher than what I normally would set, I am going to follow it and adjust if I don’t get the results that I want.
Today, I am going to use my Stairmaster for cardio and then lift weights for my bi’s and tri’s. I’ll have to start out slowly as I don’t want to be too sore tomorrow.
I am going shopping to stock up on healthy foods that I can take to work for dinner as I am starting my new evening shift tomorrow.

01/07/14 – Tuesday
Calorie goal:1835
Actual calories: 1723
Calories over/under: under 112
Exercise: Stairmaster (30) + Cathe Friedrich’s Burn Sets – Bi’s & Tri’s (37) = 67 mins.