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The Beginning Again.

ohhsnapitskatie on Mar 2nd 2012 05:02 pm

I woke up at noon today, and I tried to have a bagel for breakfast however, they were frozen so at about 2 I made a tuna sandwich. I haven’t made one of those for months. Instead of using as much mayo as I used to I used a tbl spoon of mayo and used pickle juice to not make it so dry. A healthier substitution, I also ate a banana with it and got a glass of water. I was bad and drank a can of pepsi. I haven’t worked out today either but I will in a bit.

I had to completely wipe my computer because it kept crashing. So I’m still trying to get all my stuff back on it. I need a new computer so I think as incentive for myself if I get below 200 I will buy myself a new laptop. I joined a daily march weigh in and for today I weighed in at 229.4 and that was just a few seconds ago. I’m down from monday. so that makes me happy.

Got a skype call from the family I was visiting, which made things easier. The mom and kids kept asking me when i was coming down to visit. I didn’t know what to tell them. I have a wedding to go to in November so I want to lose the weight to be able to wear a dress to it.

I didn’t work out tonight and since its almost 3 am and I still cant sleep I went to the kitchen and stole a piece of pizza and I drank a second Pepsi. >.< I shouldn’t have but I did. This is exactly why I can stay up late because I get bored or restless and wander down to the kitchen. Any advice on how to stop that from happening?

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