Day 9-Back on track

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 20th 2011 03:50 pm

This morning I had a bowl of special K and a glass of water. I feel great about working out last night. I honestly can’t wait to work out tonight. Leaving on Thursday and I don’t want to go :\ but I told my mom I had to be back home by like January 2nd. I decided I needed a challenge to try to stay on track and I was on the forums and said I would join the “Bikini Ready for 2012” group. now at 224 pound It wont be bikini ready but it gives me something to push for. So I’m looking forward to something like that.

Food for today

  • Special K with Milk: 190 Calories
  • Top Ramen: 380 Calories
  • Yoplait Red Raspberry: 170 Calories
  • Pizza: 530 Calories
  • Cube Steak: 163 Calories

Total: 1,433 Calories

I really want to go to the kitchen and just eat. Making a hamburger sounds delicious right now, ice cream, chocolate milk, cookies! I’m already way over my calorie count for today by nearly 300 :\ I haven’t done 30 day shred and even if I do do it I wont burn enough calories to go back to the kitchen and eat something else. I think I’ll work out then just crash and go to bed It’s the safest option. I’ll make a burger tomorrow.

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  1. Hannahon 21 Dec 2011 at 10:15 am

    Go you for deciding to go work out and then go to bed! It sucks how many calories pizza has…

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