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Day 7-Football!!!

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 18th 2011 03:20 pm

So I woke up this morning and had a small bowl of special K but instead of using 2/3 cup of skim milk I did a half of 2% about an hour later I tried Yoplait Whips Chocolate Mousse and I didn’t really like it but I ate it. Now I’m watching the Patriot vs. Broncos game, I’ll admit I love football. It was my favorite sport to play in high school I wasn’t ever really fit but I loved playing it. I usually tried to be the quarter back because there was something about having that football and being the one to decide how the play would go. Who to throw the ball to who had the best opening and in a split second it could all be over or it could work and you get a touchdown.

I haven’t played football in years but its something I’d like to do with friends again. Something I heard the other day is you get what you give. So I give up and start putting myself fully into the exercise or I’ll never lose the weight. So after the game I’ll do my Pilates but until then I’ll try to work on doing pushups at the commercials because I can only do girly ones. I want to work up to being able to do normal ones.

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Day 6

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 18th 2011 02:38 am

So I ended up not doing 30DS last night because I was just way exhausted and needed to sleep. Today I haven’t done either of my workouts but I did do the stairs a lot and I walked as much as I could fit in. It was a busy day with my mom being here. She took me out to eat at a diner near here and I figured its not fast food really but I got a burger and fries. My stomach didn’t deal with that well Its been months since I’ve had friesĀ  and I haven’t ate out in the longest time.

This is my body telling me that I shouldn’t be eating that crap anymore. I’m gunna have to start saying no to things like that from now on. I’ve also been thinking about doing a fast on Sundays were I only drink water and eat fruits and veggies. I don’t know if it will do much but might give my body a bit of a break from all the crap. I also bought 3 different Special K cereals today and the box had the “Special K challenge” were you eat a product of theirs for 2 of your meals and in 2 weeks you supposedly lose up to 6 pounds or something. so I may try something like that.

Been talking with my mom and I think I may buy progresso soups and things for dinners to replace all the ramen I eat. Just a healthier substitute while still being fast and easy. She also got me a few different types of yogurt that I’m going to be trying out this week as snacks. so for the next month or so its going to be trial and error with the diet. I’m picky and tend not to eat a lot of the foods I should be. She also said she would come up twice a month to bring me fruits and veggies so means I can get things like grapes and bananas so I can freeze them and make them last 2 weeks. Guess we will see how this goes. I plan on doing 30DS tomorrow as I have the first official weigh in on Monday. After today I’m not expecting a loss, even as I say that I know its not true :\

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