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Not doing enough

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 14th 2011 08:16 pm

It’s Day 3 I haven’t changed my eating habits to much because I wont get any new groceries until this weekend. I think I’m only going to be doing small changes at first. If I throw myself into this fully then I know I will fail. I’ve done it before and It will happen again I’m starting with exercise twice a day and drinking a lot more water. I know I’m supposed to be eating breakfast every morning but I don’t so that will be the next thing I work on. I’ll probably pick up special K or something like that and buy lots of yogurt and freeze it all.

I did my Pilates this morning which was only 20 minutes my arms were killing me and I had to really modify some of the moves. Now I feel like it wasn’t enough I feel like I’m sitting here watching tv and could be working out or doing something more. but I don’t what else to do. Tonight I will do 30DS but that’s tonight if I do it more then just once a day I think I may injure myself. Maybe after tonight’s workout I can say that I am doing more then I think, but I still don’t think that I’m off to a good start…. Ill come back and edit this after tonight’s workout.

So I put in 30DS and I got tired fast again but I didn’t stop after the first 5 minutes I kept going. However, my computer had other ideas right around the 7 mark it quit playing and wouldn’t respond. I had to force it to shut down and now I’m running a virus scan but I know its not that its just its old and I need to get rid of the old files to make room on the hard drive. So I got 20 minutes of pilates and about 7 minutes of 30DS not even 30 minutes total :\

My whole body hurts tho. So maybe tomorrow I can put in more time and even work in a lunch time workout. I’m dreading Monday I feel like I want this so bad but at the same time I’m afraid to fail but I’m also afraid to accomplish it. I see a lot of other blogs where people talk about rewards they will allow themselves if they reach their goals. I can understand that but isn’t reaching your goal enough of a reward? Maybe I’m just against it in a way because I know I can’t do rewards for myself.

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Second post of the day

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 14th 2011 01:44 am

I know two posts in one day but there’s a lot on my mind right now. I downloaded Jillian Michaels 30 day shred video and decided since I did Pilates earlier I may as well try out this video and see what I can do. Let me tell you 5 minutes into it I wanted to die. I paused the video and drank some water and went straight back to the video. and decided I would stop using the weights when I did the squats and work up to the weights. Well I only lasted another 10 minutes before I quit again and this time I was done for good.

My original plan was to do a Basic Pilates video for the first week of my journey, then do the regular Pilates video which is harder for 3 weeks. After a month of just Pilates I would start the 30 day shred video. Now I’m thinking about doing Pilates in the morning and 30DS at night. Even if I cant do the whole video one day I will be able to.

After every workout all I want to do is go to the kitchen and make food. It’s hard to stop myself from that trend. Today in the way of food I have had a bowl of raviolis, slice of ham steak and unfortunately way more brownies then I would have liked. I can afford to make something small to eat like a sandwich or something but I don’t think I really should.

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