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Little Break

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 26th 2011 07:49 pm

Leaving to my friends tomorrow but spent the past few days at my moms. I have been very bad with my eating, but I am doing something active everyday. I’m exhausted from the amount of running around we do. I should be home in a week or so. I hope. Then ill get back on track again.

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Day 9-Back on track

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 20th 2011 03:50 pm

This morning I had a bowl of special K and a glass of water. I feel great about working out last night. I honestly can’t wait to work out tonight. Leaving on Thursday and I don’t want to go :\ but I told my mom I had to be back home by like January 2nd. I decided I needed a challenge to try to stay on track and I was on the forums and said I would join the “Bikini Ready for 2012” group. now at 224 pound It wont be bikini ready but it gives me something to push for. So I’m looking forward to something like that.

Food for today

  • Special K with Milk: 190 Calories
  • Top Ramen: 380 Calories
  • Yoplait Red Raspberry: 170 Calories
  • Pizza: 530 Calories
  • Cube Steak: 163 Calories

Total: 1,433 Calories

I really want to go to the kitchen and just eat. Making a hamburger sounds delicious right now, ice cream, chocolate milk, cookies! I’m already way over my calorie count for today by nearly 300 :\ I haven’t done 30 day shred and even if I do do it I wont burn enough calories to go back to the kitchen and eat something else. I think I’ll work out then just crash and go to bed It’s the safest option. I’ll make a burger tomorrow.

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Day 8-I gained :\

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 19th 2011 04:16 pm

I weighed myself this morning and am 224.4 I knew this week would go either way. I had just got off TOM. I also stopped exercising the past 3 days and I kind of binged yesterday I had a bowl of special K, a yogurt, 1/4 a hostess pie, 3 spearmint gummie candies, like 4 servings of ruffles, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a small pizza. :\ Over eating is a problem of mine. Something I have to work on. Guess I’m going to start counting calories again.

On a good note I got my dvd’s today 30DS and Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. The top line of the cover says “Lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days!” and the other says “Lose up to 5 pounds a week!’ So if you do both dvds everyday does that mean you lose 40 pounds in a month? lol I know it doesn’t work like that but you have to have a little hope, right? I just have to make myself do it, which would be easier if I had someone here with me who was doing it as well. Maybe if I log what I eat in each blog it will help me stop over eating…

So far today:

  • Water: 5 glasses
  • Top Ramen: 380 Calories
  • Tuna Sandwich: 360 Calories
  • Homemade Pizza: 487 Calories

Total: 1,227
&& I did my 30 day shred but I stopped a minute early. I felt good doing it knowing I needed it but I also felt like I would die.

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Day 7-Football!!!

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 18th 2011 03:20 pm

So I woke up this morning and had a small bowl of special K but instead of using 2/3 cup of skim milk I did a half of 2% about an hour later I tried Yoplait Whips Chocolate Mousse and I didn’t really like it but I ate it. Now I’m watching the Patriot vs. Broncos game, I’ll admit I love football. It was my favorite sport to play in high school I wasn’t ever really fit but I loved playing it. I usually tried to be the quarter back because there was something about having that football and being the one to decide how the play would go. Who to throw the ball to who had the best opening and in a split second it could all be over or it could work and you get a touchdown.

I haven’t played football in years but its something I’d like to do with friends again. Something I heard the other day is you get what you give. So I give up and start putting myself fully into the exercise or I’ll never lose the weight. So after the game I’ll do my Pilates but until then I’ll try to work on doing pushups at the commercials because I can only do girly ones. I want to work up to being able to do normal ones.

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Day 6

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 18th 2011 02:38 am

So I ended up not doing 30DS last night because I was just way exhausted and needed to sleep. Today I haven’t done either of my workouts but I did do the stairs a lot and I walked as much as I could fit in. It was a busy day with my mom being here. She took me out to eat at a diner near here and I figured its not fast food really but I got a burger and fries. My stomach didn’t deal with that well Its been months since I’ve had fries  and I haven’t ate out in the longest time.

This is my body telling me that I shouldn’t be eating that crap anymore. I’m gunna have to start saying no to things like that from now on. I’ve also been thinking about doing a fast on Sundays were I only drink water and eat fruits and veggies. I don’t know if it will do much but might give my body a bit of a break from all the crap. I also bought 3 different Special K cereals today and the box had the “Special K challenge” were you eat a product of theirs for 2 of your meals and in 2 weeks you supposedly lose up to 6 pounds or something. so I may try something like that.

Been talking with my mom and I think I may buy progresso soups and things for dinners to replace all the ramen I eat. Just a healthier substitute while still being fast and easy. She also got me a few different types of yogurt that I’m going to be trying out this week as snacks. so for the next month or so its going to be trial and error with the diet. I’m picky and tend not to eat a lot of the foods I should be. She also said she would come up twice a month to bring me fruits and veggies so means I can get things like grapes and bananas so I can freeze them and make them last 2 weeks. Guess we will see how this goes. I plan on doing 30DS tomorrow as I have the first official weigh in on Monday. After today I’m not expecting a loss, even as I say that I know its not true :\

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Day 5 :\

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 16th 2011 03:59 pm

I feel really good this morning, I haven’t done my morning workout yet but Ill do it after I update this. My mother probably just screwed me out of everything she wants me to take a 2 week vacation basically. Since Christmas is in like a week. She wants me to come down during that week and stay a few days but now shes shipping me off to a friend of mines for like a week after that. I never asked her to or told her I wanted to and she made plans without even telling me! I called her today and shes like its only going to be 2 weeks but she doesn’t understand that’s 2 weeks where I can’t do my workouts because I’m not going to be doing them in front of anyone.

Normally I’d be happy that I have an excuse to not workout or try to lose weight but I want this time to be different. I’m so focused on trying to do everything that this could mess it all up for me.

It’s 7:30 PM now and I just did my “morning” Pilates I woke up at about 2:30 so its not to bad. I debated doing it or not, if I was going to be taking a 2 week break what was the point of me doing my workouts until Thursday. I’ve decided that I would continue my workouts until then and I would do the Pilates with my mom while I am done there with her but put 30DS on hold until I can get home. While I am at my friends Ill stop the Pilates and just try to drag my friend on really long walks with me. At the very least try to maintain any weight I might have lost.

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Day 4

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 15th 2011 03:03 pm

Did my morning workout, and I also happened to find myself in the house alone so I decided to do a midweek weigh in. I’m down to 222.2 :\ only lost .8 I guess after only 3 days its on track with losing 1-2 pounds a week. I just thought it would be more. Twenty minutes of Pilates only burns about 70 calories according to the loseit! app on my ipod. So I guess I’m only doing it to help tone my muscles and wake my body up you know give it a little boost.  Still haven’t managed to do the full 30DS level 1, but tonight I will if it kills me.

After eating a bowl of ramen which I know is bad for me but its pretty much the only thing I have for lunches and things tonight ill have spaghetti. I’m rethinking my goals. I still want to lose the 75 pounds before I turn 22 which would put my bmi into the normal range, but I think I need to have a goal for before that. So with todays weigh in my BMI is 35.9 which is still in the severely obese section, now I want to get down to 185 to get me into the overweight category. So I have to lose 38 pounds to get there.

Just got done with the entire 30DS level 1 some of the moves I can’t do so I modify them a little more then I should. It kicked my butt tho part way through I had to pause it to get water but I figured it was okay since I live on the second story so I had to use the stairs. My legs felt like jello when I was doing it lol. If I can continue this video for 30 days I think it will be a big help. Since today’s the first day I managed to complete all level one I’m going to say its day 4 of my new life but day 1 of 30 on 30DS 29 more to go!

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Not doing enough

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 14th 2011 08:16 pm

It’s Day 3 I haven’t changed my eating habits to much because I wont get any new groceries until this weekend. I think I’m only going to be doing small changes at first. If I throw myself into this fully then I know I will fail. I’ve done it before and It will happen again I’m starting with exercise twice a day and drinking a lot more water. I know I’m supposed to be eating breakfast every morning but I don’t so that will be the next thing I work on. I’ll probably pick up special K or something like that and buy lots of yogurt and freeze it all.

I did my Pilates this morning which was only 20 minutes my arms were killing me and I had to really modify some of the moves. Now I feel like it wasn’t enough I feel like I’m sitting here watching tv and could be working out or doing something more. but I don’t what else to do. Tonight I will do 30DS but that’s tonight if I do it more then just once a day I think I may injure myself. Maybe after tonight’s workout I can say that I am doing more then I think, but I still don’t think that I’m off to a good start…. Ill come back and edit this after tonight’s workout.

So I put in 30DS and I got tired fast again but I didn’t stop after the first 5 minutes I kept going. However, my computer had other ideas right around the 7 mark it quit playing and wouldn’t respond. I had to force it to shut down and now I’m running a virus scan but I know its not that its just its old and I need to get rid of the old files to make room on the hard drive. So I got 20 minutes of pilates and about 7 minutes of 30DS not even 30 minutes total :\

My whole body hurts tho. So maybe tomorrow I can put in more time and even work in a lunch time workout. I’m dreading Monday I feel like I want this so bad but at the same time I’m afraid to fail but I’m also afraid to accomplish it. I see a lot of other blogs where people talk about rewards they will allow themselves if they reach their goals. I can understand that but isn’t reaching your goal enough of a reward? Maybe I’m just against it in a way because I know I can’t do rewards for myself.

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Second post of the day

ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 14th 2011 01:44 am

I know two posts in one day but there’s a lot on my mind right now. I downloaded Jillian Michaels 30 day shred video and decided since I did Pilates earlier I may as well try out this video and see what I can do. Let me tell you 5 minutes into it I wanted to die. I paused the video and drank some water and went straight back to the video. and decided I would stop using the weights when I did the squats and work up to the weights. Well I only lasted another 10 minutes before I quit again and this time I was done for good.

My original plan was to do a Basic Pilates video for the first week of my journey, then do the regular Pilates video which is harder for 3 weeks. After a month of just Pilates I would start the 30 day shred video. Now I’m thinking about doing Pilates in the morning and 30DS at night. Even if I cant do the whole video one day I will be able to.

After every workout all I want to do is go to the kitchen and make food. It’s hard to stop myself from that trend. Today in the way of food I have had a bowl of raviolis, slice of ham steak and unfortunately way more brownies then I would have liked. I can afford to make something small to eat like a sandwich or something but I don’t think I really should.

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ohhsnapitskatie on Dec 13th 2011 05:43 pm

So I realized that I haven’t actually said any of the goals I want to accomplish by being on this site and trying to lose weight. So this post will just be me rambling about what I think are good goals.


1. Drink more water, at least 4 glasses a day. (Considering I’m a soda and kool-aid drinker this may be a challenge. I never just drink water, but I ran out of pepsi about a week ago. so I had to switch to water and my body is acting like I’m fish out of water with the amount I have been drinking.)

2. Workout everyday Doesn’t matter if its Pilates, 30 Day Shred, or Banish Fat Boost Metabolism.

3. Use the stairs in my house at least 10 times a day.

4. Make better eating choices. Made brownies at 1 am last night which will probably set me back all week, but it’s that time of the month and I was craving chocolate.

5. Lose 75 pounds so my BMI will be in the normal range. Right now I’m right on the line of Severely Obese and Obese :\ I want to lose this weight by my 22nd birthday so my deadline for this is January 25th 2013.

So drink water, workout 7 days a week, use the stairs, eat healthy and lose 75 pounds seems like it wont be to unreasonable. My first mini goal is to get my weight out of the 210’s I had a problem before of my weight going between 220-240 and I was able to get it down to 216 but it just goes back and forth of 216-230 which is annoying. Being able to break out of this yo-yo cycle will make me extremely happy.

Now that that’s worked out I am going to go clear off space on my floor and do about 20 minutes of Pilates. No my room is not a mess I just had to dig around in the attic for Christmas decorations and my room happens to be where the entrance of the attic is so everything got pulled out into my floor. Wish me luck!

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