Oh No!

So looks like our plan to keep up with everything during these crazy busy weekends didnt go as planned. But today is a new day and I am starting all over! Now I am moving over to¬† more of a low carb diet, while Ryan is staying with Ideal Protien. I think not logging in […]

Lets start week 2!

So at our offical weigh in today I was at 129 and Ryan was at 209 so we both lost 6lbs! Not to bad for our first week and half. Now I am not counting the first few days with my weeks so from here on out my weeks will start on Sundays! So lets […]

Week One on Ideal Protein!

My fiance and I decided last week to start Ideal Protein so we could lose some weight for our wedding in October! The first week is done and I have to say it was a little hard on me. I am very used to snacking through out the day and not sitting down and eating […]