Week One on Ideal Protein!

My fiance and I decided last week to start Ideal Protein so we could lose some weight for our wedding in October! The first week is done and I have to say it was a little hard on me. I am very used to snacking through out the day and not sitting down and eating 3 set meals. This week I am going to space out my salad, vegetables and ip packet so it will feel more like snacking to me. I lost 4lbs on the first week!! Ryan, my fiance, did wonderful on his first week and lost almost 10lbs!!!! The first week I tried the omelet, chocolate shake, chicken soup, and the peanut bars, I liked them all fine though I couldnt finish the soup. I hated the pudding that I tired and selling what I have left on ebay now cus ryan cant seem to stand them either. Ryan is doing a shake/drink for breakfast and the vegetable chili for lunch with a bar as his snack before bed.  Today is our start for week 2 and I am going to do the alternative products while I think Ryan is going to do the original IP food.

My plan for this week is to use the EAS Carb control shakes for breakfast and maybe lunch. I am going to use pure protein and think thin bars for my snack and maybe lunch. Im not sure if I want a shake or bar for lunch.

Ryan is going to use the pink lemonaid for breakfast, the vegetable chili for lunch and one of the bars for snack.



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  1. Just thought i would comment and say neat design, did you code it yourself? Looks great.

  2. Thanks but no I did not code it myself..Im not even sure what that means haha I am really new to all this blog stuff.

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