Start Your Diet Today!

Day 5

Hello! Woohoo another day under the calorie radar, i have been using mynetdiary on my ipad and its brilliant, so easy to track all your meals and chart measurements, so I have been doing well, still having choccie bikkies and today i even had an ice cream, my scales have been lost for a while so i have been using some really old scales and its a bit hard to track my progress this way, so i have to purchase a new set.

But I have not had any alcohol this week! For the first time in a long time! And I have drunk only water all week! This has been quite easy as it has been so hot and we have a new water purifier/cooler that is just brilliant! So cold and yummy. Downside is i have to keep going to the bathroom!

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Day 2

Day two is going well!

walk: tick

food: tick

water: tick

i made a big batch of pumpkin soup, it tasted fabulous, a bit too fabulous as my daughter had about 3 bowls of it! So i only have one bowl left tomorrow.  But my dinner planning is going well. Spaghetti Bol last night and tonight it’s lemon baked chicken with rice! Yum!

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First day.

I have decided to start Today! I am still not wanting to weigh myself, I have to drag the scales (which aren’t exactly accurate but are the only ones i have) in from the garage. But I went out this morning and bought some all bran for my breakfasts, it doesn’t taste that great but i can manage it.  When I dropped my daughter off at preschool today i found out they were having a shared lunch, so had to bring something in, i bought in pikelets with jam and i made some cheese and ham muffins, and I only ate one just to check they were edible! I have also planned my dinners for the week, tonight we are having Spaghetti bolognese, i added finely grated and chopped carrots to it and it looks really yummy. Plus i am halfway through the day and doing well with my water, and I have planned a walk this evening with my mum. Oh and the excersize bike is coming out of the garden shed and into the lounge!

weight 128kgs or 282 pounds.

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