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The time has now come to DO IT!

Getting it together. March 4, 2013

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Today is another B!*%$ of a Monday, but I have decided that it is not going to get me down.

Before I started typing this post I read the First part of my last post, DAMN I was a moaning COW!
And I do not want to be like that… Im a happy person and a positive person….yes I was feeling like the dog crapped on me that day, but wow… That was beyond sad!

So today I am happy to say that I am not feeling like that, and I am ready for action…Tonight I am going to work out like my life depended on it!!  I read all of the post that you ladies put up on your blogs, and I think to myself…wow  I am doing NOTHING in comparison to some of you ladies!
I need to work harder, I need to do more and I need to put more of an effort in! No excuses!

I weighed myself on saturday, and my weight was exactly the same, which I am ok with just aslong as it is not a gain…I will take it. I was scared of a gain though as I was helping my friend move and I did not workout once last wees, and I was eating bread and didnt really care for what i was eating (stupid me)

So I was thinking to myself….this wedding of my friend is comming closer and closer…and even though time it still on my side for now….Time DOES NOT stand still, and I cant wake up a month before the wedding and then want to start loosing weight! NO MAN! So I need to pull my self together and work my fat ass off!!!
So I have decided to train harder and longer than normal…I used to do basic Taebo for 30mins everyday….I am now going to do that, and then work on the Orbitrek for as long as I can ( that thing eats me alive) and the next night i will do Taebo and treadmil…I need to up my workouts, but I get so exhausted and sore…but then again I suppose that is the goal is it not? Cos if you are not exhausted and sore…YOU ARE NOT WORKING OUT!!! I think at this stage I am being to soft on myself…..I need a kick up the ass to do more and train harder.

My other friend is going to start training with my from tomorrow evening which will then also be a motivation, and she pushes me to go harder, and do more, so I am excited about that! She has been full of excuses why she is never at my house to train, but she has now also made a dicesion to put her head in the rite place and just do it! I am also going to concentrate more on what I eat…. It is rubbish that I just stuff what ever I can find into my mount!!

Here is to a better week ladies!!