Not a FAT girl forever

The time has now come to DO IT!

Being part of the Weight loss Movement ;-) February 19, 2013

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Hello everybody.

I am SO excited to start blogging here!!

A little bit about me:

I am a 26 year old girl (woman) and i have been battling with my weight for as long as I can remember….through Primary School to High School, and even now in my adult life!!!

I am single…have been for most of my life, and i want to love and be loved by someone so badly. I do not have kids, and i spend most of my free time either by myself or with my friends or with my family.

I do like to go out every now and then, and be a little bad and dance and just have fun, but I feel im getting to old to party like that now…im not 21 anymore.

So I have ALWAYS been trying to loose weight, and obviously I have not succeeded.
My friend asked me to be a brides maid at her wedding this year… I cannot wait to be her brides maid…im SO honored!!!  So with that I have decided that I will NOT be the fat chick in the photos, come what may I will NOT!!!

My goal is not to work hard, eat rite and get as much weight ogg before her wedding in October, but at the rate i am going i might be twice my size before the wedding.
So I am here hoping that I can be inspired, hoping to inspire others, and hoping to maybe make a new friend… So ladies…we are all in this together!

Thank you all for sharing you stories aswell!!