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My Buckerlist before I am 30 February 25, 2013

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My Bucketlist:

  1. Loose 70KG (thats like a whole other human)
  2. Shark cage diving (wet suite = SCARY)
  3. Sky dive
  4. Travel over seas more, and not worry about my ass not fitting into the plane seat

                * Italy ( Tuscany)
                * America ( New York)
                * Hungary (Budapest)
                *Uk ( England & Scotland)
                * Ireland
                * Germany (Beerfest { I know I know} in Oct)

  5.Study further

                * IMM Marketing Degree
                * Hotel Management Degree ( I work in hospitality)

  6. Look at staring a business

  7. Ride on elephant again with out having to have 4 people help me on them ( Embarrassed)

  8. Do Bootcamps with out thinking I am going to die

  9. Take a cruise and swim in my costume with out shorts or stuff covering me

  10. Go Skiing

  11. Learn another language

  12. Learn to Kite Surf

  13. Learn to Snow board

  14. Be the HOT girl at a party

  15. Take up horse riding ( Without being scared to literally break the horses back)

Therse are all I have for now, But i am pretty sure i will fill in some more activities at some stage….




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