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The time has now come to DO IT!

Wondering May 5, 2013

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I have done well this week….not 100%, but I did well….I have picked up weight for my week of not caring 2 weeks ago, but yet again….im getting on…surely all this falling off and getting back on the wagon must contribute to some weight loss???  ( I WISH)

I am starting to wonder if my need to loose weight is big enough…I mean I look at everything that everyone else is doing….and what I am doing just does not compare….and I know none of us are in a competition with each other, but I do find myself comparing my efforts with some of the members here…

So then I got to thinking to myself “why is it that I am SO motivated when I am not able to workout, BUT when I am able to then its like im half dead?”  Does anyone have advice for me…..I do know I must “JUST DO IT”…… But instead I find myself infront of the TV watching Gordon Ramsey and Jamie flaunting their culinary skills….. And when I am at work I am motivated beyond believe, but after an hours traffic and swearing at the idiots who drive on the roads I am pooped and I dont even want to cook…I would rather just veg infront of the tv, take a bath and be in bed by 9pm…

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!!


New thinking… April 30, 2013

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Ok. So it has been abit more than a week since I have posted, but I am back, and I have joined a new thread at the forums “Fat Camp”

I have also realized that I am just over thinking and over analyzing and trying TOO hard.
I have to take it easy and allow myself to embrace this new lifestyle instead of drilling myself to the point where I feel I want to break down and give up.

So many people have done this…why cant I?

YES, I do have an addiction to food.
YES, It does make me feel better when I am anxious or bored or stressed.
YES, I do associate food with love ( i invite people over to cook for them….Its like me showing them I love them)

So I am going to work on the following:

  • I am going to try a worry less about food
  • Instead of eating when I feel these emotions I will do something else like phone a friend, get up and take a walk in the garden, blog
  • I am going to focus on eating better again and focus on saying no to the “bad stuff”
  • I am going to make sure I drink enough water…..winter sucks, but NO EXCUSES
  • I will do at least an hour workout everyday (P90X, Taebo, Zumba)
  • If I am really tired, I will atleast go for a 30min walk
  • I will focus more on what I need and less on what other people say…this is my struggle…not theirs


Im to scared to blog!!! April 10, 2013

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Hello beauties!!!

Ok, so for the past few weeks or so I have been getting like some kind of spam comments on my blog…when I logged in this morning there were 57!!!! YES!!! 57!!

I dont think there are even 57 of us active bloggers at the moment!!!! Everytime I post I get more and more of these shit comments…its like a chatroom on my comments page and it is driving me INSANE!!!!!
I have contacted 3FC regarding this, but NO ONE has replied to me or anything…can anyone here MAYBE help me? Is anyone else also getting this crap??

Ok so that was my moan for the morning….
I went home after work and when I got there I sat on my bed thinking about if I really wanted to put my workout clothes on, and put my DVD on and do some exercise…..the answer was no!!

So then I got to thinking about you guys, and how hard you guys workout, and I thought about these pictures I always put at the bottom of my posts, and I thought to myself… ” You get your big butt up, get on your workout clothes and …DO IT!!!!!”
And so I did…I got dressed, put on my dvd, I got excited and I got to workingout. And I was SO happy I did!!
I felt great afterwards, I realise I then automatically try to make better food choices.

I went to my sister for dinner, and I heard that she was now making some kind of processed meat with her salad, so I decided to buy a grilled hake and not eat the processed meat with my salad.

It feels great to be back on track again….Im loving it……I dont know why I ever fell off….hahahahahaha

Make today a great day ladies!!


I have come to realise…. April 8, 2013

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…that i will eat and eat and eat till I am filled to the point of exploding…I do not know why I do this.

I made myself some Thai green chicken curry yesterday and I thought to myself…” oh people who are alone and dont cook for themselves are silly…I got this cooking for one down to a T”  So I had my lunch…..I ate and ate and ate till my food was finished…I was so full and uncomfortable (sick) and then like a half hour after that I was so tired I could barely keep my peepers open even if you paid me to!!!

So i realized that I have a fear of not having enough food… Shit knows why cos im the size of a baby elephant!!
So I eat and eat and eat till there is nothing left to eat and then I feel like crap for eating so much and physically I am drained…..WOW   what an eye opener!!
And the thing is that it is not just that way with lunch…its breakfast and lunch and dinner….i need to feel completely full. someone once blogged about it feeling or simulating a hug…and i must say I kinda agree with that.

So today I will pop out to the shop and get some salad goodies to make a nice salad and some veggies for a veg soup…stupid delicious Thai green curry no more!!!
My sister invited me for a dinner of fish and salad so I am looking forward to that….no cooking for me toninght (booya) but first I will be doing some time in the gym…I LOVE GETTING MY GROOVE BACK!!!


Feeling good :-) April 7, 2013

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Ok…So it is Monday morning, I have worked this WHOLE weekend, and I am tired. But last night I felt depressed and down and like life was chasing me….Surely there has got to be more to life than this…The day to day struggle of loosing weight, eating rite, wishing you had money for this or that. Now I am a believer that – you are not allowed to complain if you are not doing anything to fix it… SO today I am feeling positive and good, and I am making better choices….Im feeling motivated. I would even go as far as to say I am feeling happy,…which I have not been in a while…I am normally a happy person…but I have just been down these past few weeks.

Im getting excited again to do the rite things for me and for my future and my health and my happiness.

So I am taking on this monday and the rest of this week with a smile on my face.


Really? March 8, 2013

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OK…can someone please just SLAP me…seriously…someone just slap the shit out of me!!!

I was doing my post yesterday, and I was amped and I was going to do it(gym) and then I went home, and I thought .”ok let me take a 15min snooz and then gym” I slept from 5pm till 6:30pm…an hour and a half!!! Why am I so tired that I want to sleep 5 in the afternoon??

So needless to say I did not work out, cos by that time I had not even thought about cooking dinner, so I got my lazy ass up and i made myself some veggies and chicken(bonelss, skinless) and that was dinner. Then my friend who moved also said that she is packing everything away and was wondering if I could help her, and ofcourse me being the “good friend” I ate my dinner and went to go help her…we did pack and fold and move and everything for like 2 hours, so there as a little bit of a sweat going on (its summer in South Africa = its hot) and i eventually left her place at 22:30 and went home and slept like a baby (luckily i took a bath before I went there)

I need to get my act together now!  Time is running out, and im still not even 10KG down.. :-O
We are going for that dress fitting tomorrow…(Bride to be is driving with me. Im so glad im her go to girl 🙂 )
Let me tell you…I am NOT looking forward to it, but I will suck up my selfish insecurities and do it for her.
I am already in my head seeing that the dress is not going to fit me, and the other girls are going to have no problems with their dresses, but they will need like 10meters of extra material for my dress, oh my GOSH!!!

OK calm down……breeeeaaaattttthhh……….. Maybe tomorrow might just be the kick I need to get my ever expanding rear into gear and just focus and DO IT!!! MAybe it will be my wake up call?? If not anything else atleast that…at the very least…

I hope all you beauties have a fantastic weekend…I will pop in sometime over the weekend to catch up and see what is news. Stay strong ladies… 🙂




Being part of the Weight loss Movement ;-) February 19, 2013

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Hello everybody.

I am SO excited to start blogging here!!

A little bit about me:

I am a 26 year old girl (woman) and i have been battling with my weight for as long as I can remember….through Primary School to High School, and even now in my adult life!!!

I am single…have been for most of my life, and i want to love and be loved by someone so badly. I do not have kids, and i spend most of my free time either by myself or with my friends or with my family.

I do like to go out every now and then, and be a little bad and dance and just have fun, but I feel im getting to old to party like that now…im not 21 anymore.

So I have ALWAYS been trying to loose weight, and obviously I have not succeeded.
My friend asked me to be a brides maid at her wedding this year… I cannot wait to be her brides maid…im SO honored!!!  So with that I have decided that I will NOT be the fat chick in the photos, come what may I will NOT!!!

My goal is not to work hard, eat rite and get as much weight ogg before her wedding in October, but at the rate i am going i might be twice my size before the wedding.
So I am here hoping that I can be inspired, hoping to inspire others, and hoping to maybe make a new friend… So ladies…we are all in this together!

Thank you all for sharing you stories aswell!!