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WARNING April 15, 2013

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Ok…So this post also comes with a warning of……If you do not want to see what I look like…stop reading now.
I am actually scared that I might make someone (or maybe a few people) sick……Take this as your warning.

So WHile I am working up the courage to post my pictures here is what I did tonight.

When I got home I did some workout thing that my hypno therapist  told me about (she saw it on some program about loosing weight) It basically works like this: 20secs of intense workout (as hard as you can) then 2 mins rest and repeat 3 times…apparently the guy who did this lost the most weight, but then obviously you do your normal workout aswell….I thought it was a load of BS, but when I did my 3rd rep…I was feeling it a little ( for this I used the Orbitrek. I think in the US you call it the Eliptical) Then I did my Taebo DVD. I then started my healthy dinner and did squats while I was cooking… my knees hurt while I was doing them…so by the look of my pics…do you think I am too heavy to be doing squats at the moment??

THis is your last warning!

My Dinner tonight

You were warned!

I told you.

So I do apologize if I have scared anyone for life…but I did warn you.
I think that I have only put the pics up now cos I was afraid that putting them on will make me have to take more responsibility for my weight, but I am doing it…no more pitty ass excuses!!!


4 Responses to “WARNING”

  1. Ann Says:

    No warning necessary – Don’t be so hard on yourself! We all look in the mirror and see a fat girl when we really truely are not. I do it all the time – look in the mirror and do the negative self talk. I do find I am doing less and less of that! Keep up the great work! Fall down 7 times get up 8 times! Just remember why you are working so hard and trying……we all have our reasons!

  2. aerobella Says:

    Firstly, you aren’t gross and definitely not making anyone sick. I admire you for posting pics, I haven’t had the guts to yet. Secondly, squats are extremely mean to knees lol I started initially doing them at my highest weight of 230 and couldn’t walk for the rest of the week so I wasn’t able to train. I am now 195 and can’t even do them without injuring myself. So personally, for me, squats are out for now. Just do them slowly and if you feel your knee is giving out stop because it can seriously affect your next workouts. 🙂 Good luck !

  3. kisskiss Says:

    good for you for posting your pics! For me, before and after pics are a great motivator.
    squats were really hard for me at above 250, but below that they were fine. If you feel like it’s too much, may be start off with less or a different regimen?
    btw your dinner looks good

  4. tryingbeauty Says:

    Ahhh WOW! I know none of you can see it, but I truly am blushing!!! Your comments have made me so much more relaxed…I must tell you I was so nervous about putting those pics on…I checked every 2 seconds to see if someone commented and said to take them off…

    You guys are wonderful and I appreciate your support and positivity. It really helps a girl out!

    Thanx for being so wonderful guys!!! (hugs)

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