Slow and Steady.

November 20th, 2008

Did Level 2, Day 4 of the 30DS today. I am getting so good at those walking pushups. You have to see how deep I go with those babies. 🙂 I also did my run today and it was the best run I’ve had EVER. I went 90 seconds STRAIGHT running 3 times. It’s amazing!!! I can’t believe how much stamina I gained. I did however lose momentum towards the end. My calves were burning at that point. I must say, they are looking mighty sexy. 🙂

I didn’t feel like eating my tuna sandwich today so I decided to have a bacon + apple + cheddar combo as an experiment lunch. I changed my mind last minute and had a BLT instead. I haven’t had chips in awhile and decided to buy some kettle chips (no HFCS ;)) at the liquor store near my apartment. We got the sour cream and onion variety. I never had Kettle brand chips and I must say, they were quite yummy AND crunchy. A little goes a long way. I had – a handful of Kettle chips, a handful of baby carrots, homemade BLT, and bunch of spoonfuls of Italian Style Vegetable soup (Campbell’s Select Harvest). Nomnomnom. Best lunch ever!

So my weight has been steadily in the 160s for the past couple of weeks which I’m happy about. I have been losing 1 lb a week and I know down the line I’m going to plateau at some point. And when that happens I’m going to do everything in my power to keep going. I’m in no rush to lose weight. None at all. I just want to be healthy and climb that mountain… effortlessly.

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  1. brseay Says:

    Ummm, a BLT sounds great. But I’m a tomato freak so anything w/a tomato sounds good to me 🙂

    How often do you do 30DS? I have it and rotate it w/some other workouts but I didn’t know if you could do it day after day since it involves muscle building.

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