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November 12th, 2008

Lately, I’ve been searching for new blogs to read and came across a few that I really like. They take pictures of every meal that they eat and it facinates me how much variety they have. I’m getting a lot of new ideas of things to eat. I hate eating the same things over and over.

Today I had a pretty good run. I had side pain during the middle and had to slow down to a walk a few times, but I sprinted in the beginning and end and it felt damn good! I am getting lighter and speedier (is that a word?) by the day. I haven’t ran like this since I was in high school. I also did Day 7, Level 1 on the 30DS. Unfortunately, after I finished the jumping rope exercise, my knee hurt a little. Nothing major though.

Good things: I’m actually looking forward to eating yummy, healthy foods and working out more and more everyday. It’s like there’s a high that comes with it. The guilt that comes with eating “forbidden” foods is slowly but surely subsiding. By letting the guilt go, I’m able to enjoy my food more. I’m seeing it more as fuel = food rather than, “OMG I need to eat this because I’m not going to be able to eat it when I’m on my diet!” or “EH, screw it, I already f*ked up my diet… I might as well go all the way. Go big or go home!” I call it the “I’m starting my new diet on Monday” syndrome.

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