I Voted.

November 4th, 2008

Happy Election Day 😀 Did you go out and vote today? I did! *raises hand* I didn’t have to stand in line either. I just gave the dude my absentee ballot, got my sticker, and left. Can you tell I really wanted the “I Voted” sticker?

Anyhoo, I did Day 2 of 30DS, Level 1. It was just as tough as yesterday, but at least I almost got through the jumping rope / jumping jacks portion. Tomorrow, I’m going to push it. I also used 5 lbs for the chest fly’s and I definitely felt more burn. I went for a short run today and found that it was actually harder to run than yesterday. I’m not sure why?

Ate a lot of nommy things today. I had yogurt + granola for breakfast today. The granola was cinnamon goodness! mmmm. For snacks I had bread + pumpkin spice cream cheese. I looove cinnamon this time of year.

Good things: On my way to vote, I had to climb this hill. In the past, when I would climb that hill, I would be winded and would have to constantly take breaks. This time, I walked up with no breaks and didn’t feel tired at all 😀

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