Aoi Sakuraba.

October 28th, 2008

I was feeling low again today. In addition to being broke, I got a text giving me some bittersweet news. Bitter for me, Sweet for them. I put off my workout until 10pm tonight. I was even thinking about throwing the towel and just mope around with a pan of brownies in my lap. I thought about it. I ate a small piece of brownie and watched Ai Yori Aoshi (one of my favorite anime). Aoi Sakuraba is the main character in the series and her motto is, “Always do your best.” So I sat there asking myself, “Am I doing my best?” Really, what am I going to accomplish by sitting on my ass right now. So I got up and did my workout and it was the BEST workout I’ve had EVER. It actually felt GOOD. Usually I feel lightheaded and out of breath after 30 minutes. However, this time, I did the whole thing and felt the burn, but I did not feel sick. I felt sooo strong. It’s also the most I’ve ever sweated (Is that a word?) in a single session.

Yes folks, you read that paragraph right. I mentioned the word brownies. My boyfriend and I really felt like baking. You know, mixing, measuring, the whole nine yards. All made from scratch. No store bought goodies here. It is a really decadent, rich, chocolatey brownie. I couldn’t eat the whole thing if I wanted to. I only ate a 2″x2″ morsel and that was enough for me… plus we didn’t have any milk ;p

Good things: I actually have arm muscles again. When I flex, there’s this sexy muscle peeking out from my forearm. I can do 30 man push-ups now. Another thing, when I sleep on my side, it’s comfy again. It’s the little things that count.

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