A fat girl’s quest to freedom

Not as easy as it seems…

Yesterday I had a really good start, healthy morning. I bombed at lunch because I started snacking and I snacked all the way up to dinner. A couple of chips here, a couple of cookies there. I bought everything I would need to work…but went to the store and bought chips. Really disappointed in myself but it’s a new day and I’m starting over. Round 2

2 Responses to “Not as easy as it seems…”

  1. Chips are my weakness too. My husband and brought a bag of nacho cheese doritos and a bag of tortilla chips with the salsa con queso in our house and I am dyyyying!

    It takes time to kill habits, and you are doing an awesome job so far. Just next time you’re at the store and you are looking at chips, look around and find a similar product but that is healthier for you. What about pretzels or those baked crackers or something? And get them in the 100 calories packs if you can and just leave it at that. Snack on that bag for the afternoon.

    Keep your chin up lady! 🙂

  2. I’m one to snack as well. It’s tough to not eat something and wait until lunch/dinner, you name it! All you can do is start over, start fresh, and keep moving forward 🙂

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