A fat girl’s quest to freedom


This week has been good! I got in all my meals and did not go over my calorie limit. I went to this intense Latin dance class Monday night and man I shook things that haven’t been shaken in years! It’s an hour long and I’m so proud of myself for doing the whole hour. When I left the gym that night everyone of my muscles hurt,lol. It took me 20 minutes to walk home and the gym is only two blocks away but the next morning my muscles felt fine.

The rest of me wasn’t feeling so great on Tuesday. I tried this new salmon patty Monday night as my pre-workout meal and around 11pm I woke up with major abdominal cramping and I was sick all night and the next day but I was determined to get well because I had my first training seesion on Wednesday. I have been blessed with some more motivation and have been invited on a girls trip to Hawaii in April!!!  I’m so excited and I want to be down a lot by then. I know I have my work cut out for me…but I’m willing to put in the work!

My training session last night was great! She worked all my muscle groups and we did a lot of stretching. Apparently I’m really flexible…something I never knew! But she showed me some stretching excersises that matched my flexibility and let me tell you…she had me all twisted up and it felt great. She explained to me that the reason I am stiff at times was because of my size I can’t stretch the way I need to. She taught me how to stretch on my own. Today I have a check-up to review my blood pressure. if it’s still high I may have to start taking medication. I have my fingers crossed. My positive for today is that….I’m officially down 22lbs since last month!!

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