A fat girl’s quest to freedom

Hello again….

Wow…so much has happened since my last post. I am now gainfully employed and I’m back on my education track. But the best part is that I’m ready to tackle my weight again. When I first started, it was a not as complex for me because my goal was to lose weight and figure out how to eat healthy. Being unemployed for such a long time made that difficult but not because of the lessened financial flexibility. It was the fear of being completely ruined financially. The emotional roller coaster was brutal and reduced me to a mini depression. For an emotional eater that is hell. I did gain…and then I lost…and then I gained again. Well now that I have a job I have started eating healthier and I’ve lost six pounds so far. No workouts yet but I plan to wok those in next week. Stating slow and easy. But it’s good to fell like I’m somewhat back on track 🙂

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