A fat girl’s quest to freedom

The Plan

So this is a rough plan that I have to keep myself on track. I want to be able to check each point to get a perfect on plan day each day. This way I’ll keep myself accountable each day and when I miss a point it will be really evident and in my mind […]

Keeping my eye on the prize

It’s amazing how much re-training I need to get back on track. I admit that I just assumed that I would just start exercising and eating healthier and it would be easy…it’s not. I am starting over…but this time with guidelines. I feel like winging it, like I did before, would just put me back […]

New Commitments

Wow….I can’t believe how far off track I have been. It’s been over 4 months since I’ve posted and I haven’t worked out in 2 months. I realize now that I have to work to remain diligent when I’ve obtained small goals. I became complacent after losing 50lbs and I’ve teetered for months. I used […]