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I won…and other new motivations

So…I did it! I finish Jillian Michaels yesterday and I felt great. I was sore, exhausted and..sore but I was SO proud of myself. A couple of months ago I attempted it and quit after 3 minutes. After a quick shower I went to bed. Now…..new motivations. Today my friend called me to go out shopping with her so we headed out to Nordstroms’ Rack. While I’m keeping her company as she looks around(I haven’t shopped in a regular store in years because the clothes they carry in my size are unappealing to me) I spot this cute shirt and DAMN!, wouldn’t you know it, it’s too small. Just as I’m getting ready to put it back and walk away, it hits me, This shirt is my goal size. If I stay on track, I will fit into that shirt. Well…that got me thinking about what else they had in my goal size. As I looked around and checked out what they had I was putting together these cute outfits in my head and I really got into it. I realizedthis is my future if I keep going…shopping at regular stores. Going into Nordstroms’ or Marshalls and actually shopping for myself…finding jewelry and accessories that will fit my fingers and wrists! I looked around and my friend was done and waiting for me. That was another surprise because usually I’m the one standing around, looking and feeling out of place, wishing my friends were done. I was the one that was silently praying that it would be over soon because I was tired and these stores didn’t have a place to sit. Now I am the one that is shopping around and I’ve lost sight of my friends. Tired?? Who’s tired? I wanted to shop more! I’m actually picking out styles and colors that I felt would cause too much attention to me before now seem to look really cute on me. As a sat there admiring this stunning dress, I realized how much I have been missing out. I used to love,love,love shopping and finding that perfect dress and the accessorizing. Ooohhhh dresses…it’s been so long since I’ve even looked at a dress….wow..the last few years as I gained weight I never realized what I lost. It’s like every pound that I put on my body pushed the simple things, like shopping for fun, right out of my life. Well today I found out that there’s a little fashionista inside me dying to get out…and I intend on freeing her..for good. 🙂

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  1. I totally know what you mean about the dresses. That’s one of the things that really prodded me into action – seeing everybody else wearing the cutest sundresses this summer. I am determined that next summer that will be me! LOL

    BTW, you should buy that shirt. It can be really motivating to SEE your goal.

    Keep up the good work!!

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