A fat girl’s quest to freedom

Starting today on a high note

Well…I made it through the first day sucessfully! I tried something new last night and I was more than a little worried that I would not make it. I made a promise to myself not eat anything after 7pm..and I made it. I stay up late often and I get the munchies usually around 10pm but I think the choices I made in regards to the amount of carbs,protein and veggies for each meal, is what curbed the late night munchies that I usually get. I went to the doctor a year ago to get a checkup and my Dr. told me that she was worried. Although I have been big for over a decade, I’ve always been healthy, strange huh? Well this time, not so much. According to my lab results, I was malnutritioned. I looked at the doctor and laughed. I mean, come on! According to the BMI, I’m morbidly obese…how the hell can I be malnutritioned??!!! She said that I was not getting enough protein in my diet and that I needed to get that under control. Although I’ve been a big girl most of my life, I have never been scared about my health until that moment. I felt like, here I am eating smaller portions, exercising, and let’s face it, I was 60lbs lighter than when she met me a year before, and now, NOW, I have health issues. I came home and started researching about food intake and calories. Someone mentioned the dailyplate. So I logged on and joined but I half-a**ed it for a year. Yesterday, I really used it and followed it and…..Voila…it works. I was able to see as the day progessed how much protein I needed for the next meal, if I needed skip the carbs for my snack and how much sodium I was taking in. I can’t believe how idiotic I’ve been for the past year. Well…no more! Now that I’ve vented/celebrated yesterday, I need to get my breakfast in today. See ya later.

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