breaking it down

today i am going to write down everything that i eat, an endeavor that has always seemed useless to me in the past but all the gurus say to do it, so here goes.  i have found a few hidden carbs in the things i usually eat daily.  for instance…… multi-vitamin has 3 carbs!!  ok, its a gummy so i should have expected it but that is a large chunk of my 20 carb budget for something that gives me no oral satisfaction!!  ok so i am left with 17 carbs today.  my coffee is 5 carbs and my bacon breakfast was 0, im down to 12 left for entire day and its only 10 am!!

for lunch i am eating a sandwich on healthy life bread soooooo thats 5 carbs per slice, leaving me 2 carbs for the day…….. wow.  i have no idea how this day is going to turn out but i intend to write it all down here and account for every gram!!   on this sandwich was deli chicken, 4 slices hard salami, slice of cheddar cheese, 2 slices tomato (around 1 carb or so), lots of mayo, mustard and salt.  on a lcl i have to add salt or i get leg cramps.  now i am at 19 carbs.  leaving me 1 carb for the rest of the day.  good thing i have fats to keep me company!!

i do feel i am going to need the keto strips.  i need to know the number at which i slip out of ketosis.

dinner is going to be difficult……

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