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Disappointed in myself.

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I could have reached my goal twice over by now but instead, I’ve been maintaining for the past 5 months. I suppose that’s something…last time I lost weight, I think I only lasted two or three months before I began putting weight back on. But still – I haven’t plateaued, I’ve just gotten lazy. My […]

Lonely Girl

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I’ve lost 5 more pounds which brings me to a grand total of ~20 pounds lost. That’s a lot but I’ve still got a ways to go. Thankfully, it doesn’t bother me too much. Because I only work out here and there, it feels like I’m just waiting for my bathtub to drain or my […]

Not eating, still full.

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I’m frustrated. It’s the end of the quarter, one more week to go, and I’m swamped. What’s even worse is that ever since I accidentally overate at Subway I’ve had trouble getting back on track. I’ve felt bloated for at least two days now that I can remember – I’m so stressed that I can’t […]

When you eat too much…

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I overate yesterday and today without even realizing it. I ate Subway both days and when I tried to calculate the number of calories in my sandwich, I must have missed pressing a button and came up with a number that is waaaay lower than what my sub actually contained. So I went a little […]

WTB more hours in the day!

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I’m finding it difficult to work out these days. I’m nearing the end of my quarter so I’ve got a lot of work to keep up on and, in some cases, catch up on. I’m tired, my sleeping pattern is effed all to hell and back, and all I can keep thinking is, “Almost there…just […]

Please label things clearly…

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I’m a little frustrated. I track my calorie intake on FitDay pretty closely. I have about a dozen or more customized foods that I come back to on a daily basis. Everything goes in my diary, absolutely everything. I don’t find it disruptive because of how simple it is and I like looking at all […]


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Mkay, so I can’t return the bands or the WW package because I lost the receipt. Sweet. *deep breath* Dooooon’t panic… I’m still on track with my calorie intake but I’m falling off of my exercise regimen. I’m kind of frustrated, sick of classes, stressed out, lonely…Valentine’s Day this year is going to suck. I […]

The Candy Massacre

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I walked for ~40 minutes last night but then I did something stupid – I hit the vending machine down the hall. It was a massacre…chocolate chunks, chip crumbs, and gooey candy blood everywhere… @[email protected] I ended up eating ~700 calories over my limit. I haven’t been too worried though, it’s the first time I’ve […]

Ate too much?

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I’ve been doing a good job tracking my food intake but I kind of messed up today. I usually eat fruit in the morning but this time I felt like grabbing an actual meal so instead I ordered 2 eggs over-easy with 2 pieces of white toast and some home fries. Then, I followed that […]

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