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Kitchen closes at 7 January 7, 2011

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Well last night I fumbled. . Again. Time to analyze cause it’s obvious there is a problem. . So I get off of work play with the girls, clean up. Then i make my two eggs with my mushrooms , drinking water, etc. just total mind set. I go get my work out videos from my sister and have it all planned to start doing it tomorrow and just had a great mind set. . . Than my friend Joey comes over. . My first words out of my mind where ” Do you have any candy” lol. Gosh I’m awful. I am a sucker for candy. It sucks even typing this up and knowing that I messed up but I want to own up to everything so I’m not lying to myself about my progress. . . So he gives me like a handfull of skittles and I had….. once again like 5 double stuffed oreos… and not only that. Afterwards I felt so awful about it I felt like just giving up anyways so I made myself some ramen noodles. It was like ten o clock at night! I wasn’t hungry. I don’t even know why I ate them. So now I need to figure out how to change this. Not just point it out everytime it happens. . On my way to work I kept thinking and honestly I think I just set myself up for failure. I WANT to lose weight but I think inside my mind I keep telling myself I can’t do it and just putting myself down . I’m trying but that peice of nasty thought in my mind is setting me up!! … So my plan to attack this problem is as follows
~ No more eating past 7 period. . If anything a fruit or veggie.. that’s it!
~ Buy something that is sweet but ok to eat so I don’t feel guilty when I have a sweet tooth
~ Tell Joey he can’t bring sweets into my home (he loves candy just as much as I do lol)
~ Start doing my videos so it gives me motivation not to mess up at night.

So I haven’t weighed myself lately. It fluxuated so often the last two weeks. so I am weighing in monday morning and I”m going to start at that. or maybe even do it tomorrow morning. no more excuses. Yes tomorrow morning I will get my starting weight. . For real and post it and just keep going. . On a lighter note yesterday after my eggs and mushrooms I had a craving for me. I just wanted more food. so I grilled up some asparagus and mushrooms with pepper.. mmmmmm good !!!! I was proud cause I could have messed up there and just said awww f it. but I didn’t. so that’s good.

My goal for this week is trying to get at least 3 work outs done and also drinking more water!!!! Thats my huge thing that is so difficult for me to achieve.

Good luck ladies!! I can make it through this weekend and through the nights of cravings. .. !!! Lets do this!


Back away from the chocolate January 6, 2011

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so yesterday went great… until about 8 o clock, I get home off of work at about 5 , I take a bath I play with my kids relax , have some eggs with mushrooms in it and just feeling great.. and than what happens. I get this while hair to gorge in chocolate. so I have my bf go to the store and buy a little debbie packett of donuts and had 4 oreo’s double stuffed…. I guess when I write it here of how much I had it doesn’t seem or sound like a lot but still I’m disapointed in myself.
Also I was a lazy butt yesterday and never met up with my sister to get those work out videos so that is something that is on my agenda today and I WILL do a work out video. . It’s time to start that up again.. There shall be no more excuses!

So today is
coffee and clementine
Ramen Noodles
Eggs and mushrooms

that all sounds good to me. I know I really could go with out the Ramens but to me. It’s cheap, I’m busy at work and it’s fast and fills me up. I don’t use all the seasoning and usually try to only eat half of it so no worries. And I love love love mushrooms especially in my eggs and it’s pretty filling and satisfying for me for dinner. I am getting better. I think that once that I start working out it will all fall into place. I remember before that’s how it went. . so I am keeping my fingers crossed ladies..!!! and if by chance you know how to post pictures and you are reading this than please tell me how to do it. I have no idea and really want to add some pictures to my page dangit! ..

Good Luck Everyone!!!!


Off to a good start December 30, 2010

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Well I am really proud of myself. I have been doing good so far all week , Last night I came home and played with the girls , ate.. instead of having a salad I ended up having 2 scrambled eggs with Mushrooms with 2 slice of whole grain bread. It was very very yummy and it was filling. AND the BEST part is that I stopped there. . I didn’t eat one more thing or put one more thing in my mouth for the rest of my night. which to me is like amazing. I usually can’t even stop myself from eating it before it’s already too late. So that was huge for me!

Today I am having
1 cup of Cheerios with 2% milk
Progressive Lite chicken noodle soup
2 Eggs with Mushrooms with 2 slice of Wheat bread

I love everything. I love that I’m not totally like going out there buying this and that. I’m making things that I already have at home.. good and healthy. so that in and of itself makes me feel like an accomplishment! Yesterday however I didn’t get to do my TBL work out video since I wasn’t feeling well, I had some stomach pains and Rylee was driving me crazy so I just didn’t do it. Which as I said at my last post that right now, this week. I am focusing more on the food itself rather than the exercise. and so far it’s right on track.

So I admit I am really scared for the weekend to roll around. weekends are so hard for me especially right now because the weather is awful so I will probably just want to be all warm at home all weekend long .. and to top it off I have tomorrow off of work for New Years Eve AND I have that monday off to. So four day weekend. YIKES kind of scary.. AND for new years I would have liked to drink or do something but given how well I’m doing and how much I don’t want to give up. I think I will pass. I guess it all comes down to what I want more.

Have a great day!


Guess who’s back, back again December 29, 2010

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So here I am .. again. …. Re-reading through my old posts makes me so upset at myself. I was doing soooo fabulous.. and now here I am again .. Gained back all of the weight.. well most of it. I weighted myself on monday Dec 20th and I am at 224 .. 🙁 I literally CRIED when I read that post when I was in my 190’s… I promised myself I wouldn’t ever see the 200’s on that scale again. But yet here I am . . However, I am putting that behind me. I cannot focus on the past if I want to be successfull in the future. So from this post on I will not talk about, relive or reminis about the previous. Monday was a new day for me.
So I cancelled my gym membership. Financially I just couldn’t afford it anymore and my contract was up so I gave it up. . Right now I really don’t have many options available to me, I do have one of the Biggest Loser work out videos and I will tell you what that totally totally totally kicked my butt
When I moved I lost my pilates video so I really need to go get that too. So I’m still thinking of things to do. I am even half tempted to invest in a treadmill or something just so I can get going.. maybe p90x? . . I was thinking of talking with my sister about it cause I know she has tons of videos and hey maybe she isn’t doing them anymore. who knows. But anyways for right now I am mainly focusing on my food and getting that back in order before I begin anything else. I just know myself and I know that if I just try to jump into it .. I will back out and fail.
So here is the plan for food today
1 cup of coffee
1 cup of multi grain cheerios
tuna celery pasta with whole grain pasta
Snacks I have with me
green beans

I am really dirt poor so I really haven’t went out and bought stuff for my diet. shoot I will eat veggies out of the can before I have a microwave dinner lol!!!! Well people wish me luck! I will be on here and I WILL post tomorrow.

BTW if you are reading this can you try to explain to me how to post pictures on here. I am sooo clueless


Can I make it? August 10, 2010

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I already wrote earlier then I was thinking while I was at work bored…. “it’s my blog I can write whenever and whatever I want” .. so here I am … I always comment on people’s blogs, etc. But I never get anything so I don’t even know if anyone is even reading this!!!

Anyways I called the gym to schedule for the day care for my girls (to me if I schedule and have an apt with them it makes me more inclined to go since it’s an apt.) And so I have a scheduled apt with them Today, wed, and Thursday. I would have done Friday too but they close at 6 and I get off at 5 so that wouldn’t work out. But they watch the girls up to 90 minutes so that will be way good. I am super excited and kind of nervous. I remember how it was and how much it took to do it everyday and get into the groove of things.. and now because of the choices I made here I am faced with this again and if I would have never fell off the wagon then I would be like 160 lbs right now.. But would have could have should have.

I am way nervous to weigh in tomorrow morning. I will just feel better in my head when i work out tonight. I kept telling myself in my head… “tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.” But then when I was making the apt with Gold’s Gym.. I just said.. What do you have today!!! ??? !!! I NEED to START TODAY!!! I NEED A CHANGE

Then after my work out and my shower then I’m going to go home cook rice and veggies for my lunch at work tomorrow. .

One thing that I want to talk about that I think will help my motivation is how I felt last time. I miss FEELING good. I miss LOVING working out. I miss the healthy way it made me feel even though I hadn’t lost that much weight it made me FEEL good. I miss all of this. I can’t wait. Today is going to be my break threw day and I can do this!!! I hope my weigh in number isn’t toooooooo bad tomorrow *fingers crossed*