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Guess who’s back… oh yeah my stomach December 5, 2013

Filed under: *The weigh ins* — debi @ 9:26 am

well .. I don’t really know what to say other than wow i really let myself go. i mean i don’t know how i even got this far. it just started so slowly.. when i first started blogging. i reached 197 at my lowest.. i was feeling so awesome about myself. i was excersiing and loving it.. and i was out of the 200’s …..

here i am …. 267 i gained it all back plus some. all of my hard work. everything .. for nothing.

it’s so frustrating. but my sister is at the same spot. she is close to my number and we have put in a full commitment into restarting and doing this together so that’s where we are at right now. we have enrolled in weight watchers to see how it helps us. so 267 is my official weigh in as of 12/01/2013 . . it’s just so hard to jump back into this again. I remember when i would work out for 1.5 and feel like that wasn’t enough and that i wanted more. I was hungry for it!. now i went to the gym the other day and could barely make it a half hour. i feel pathetic and i hate it. I can’t believe that it happened.. but it did and all i can do is accept it and just move on and try to make the situation better.. that’s alli can do right.


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