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Thinking January 10, 2011

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So I already posted today. but who gives cause it’s my blog and I can write whenever I please. so there. Anyways I have been doing really really good on the water today. I have gotten up to tinkle every freakin second but other than that everything is going as planned. Here I sit at my desk with Carrots and water. go meeeee. So anywho I was thinking all day today in my head how I can adjust my eating. I noticed that I am eating a lot of carbs. Yes I am in love with carbs. I would marry a roll if I could. I mean it’s that bad lol. So for dinner tonight instead of the whole grain pasta with tuna. I am just going to have tuna mixed with light mayo with an avacado. and pineapple and carots and fruits and veggies. I am going to try to cut back. I know that carbs and chocolate is my huge bump in my road. So On my blog page I have added a new goals for January. I haven’t ever had any goals other than just loosing weight so here I am trying.

So whenever I get off work I am going straight home and starting my Biggest Loser Video so that I don’t get distracted and tired and just end up not wanting to do it. lol I know myself better than that.

Good Luck Chicks!!!


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