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Why am I wasting my time? January 5, 2011

Filed under: ~The bad days~ — debi @ 7:27 am

soooo.. I weighed in this morning and I hope that I’m just seeing stuff…. the scale said 229 .. how did I let that happen…. I did so good ALL week… Than.. I know exactly what happened. I had a four day weekend. I messed up once and just figured since I already messed up why keep going. I messed up … big time. Saturday hit and the next thing I know I had burger King, pizza, doughnuts. you name it. . .
I am so mad at myself. but can’t let it destroy me
So I asked my sister if she had some work out videos I could use since I cancelled my gym member ship and she said she found some so I am going to try to meet up with her today to get those. I’m excited because I can do it at home. no more excuses. and I think it will just give me that extra boost and motivation to just keep going.
Also I packed some leftovers from last nights dinner for lunch at work today …
1 chocolate doughnut… – I know I know
Brown Rice with chicken Breast and asparagus— sooo good
2 eggs with mushrooms

I love all the foods that I make. I used to just get stuff knowing that I hated the taste of it but hey it was healthy. I realized that I can’t do that anymore and I know if that happens I just wont eat it period.. .

So here goes another week. I just need to stop making up excuses and reasons and buying fast food and just be done with it. I’ve done it before I just can’t think of why I can’t just stop. It’s very very annoying. Also I have been thinking about getting Ali. I know that weight loss pills aren’t magic, this and that but I just want an aid… I have taken it before and I want to do it again to see if it can even slightly help me. the price went way down from what it used to be so I’m hoping to get it soon .. but I just .. I gotta commit to this. I gotta do this debra. YOU HAVE DONE IT BEFORE YOU CAN DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Why am I wasting my time?”

  1. fitforlife357 Says:

    Don’t give up! Learning to start again is necessary. I started carrying water and my lunch, a peice of white chicken, a peanut butter sandwich on rye, etc., in the car in a small lunch carrier when I’m going to be gone for a good part of the day, and that really helped me to drive past the fast food places.

    Let us know which exercise videos you get and how you like them. 🙂

  2. incontrol2day Says:

    Best of luck! I love workout videos 🙂

  3. beerab Says:

    Instead of thinking “I screwed up” enjoy the things you like, just less. I still enjoyed a slice of pumpkin pie at thanksgiving- but I kept on going with trying to STILL make good choices 🙂

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