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Come on ME!! March 15, 2010

Filed under: ~The bad days~ — debi @ 6:58 am

Well needless to say I am a little irritated at myself today . I weighed myself this morning and I was at 200 .. I know exactly what it is from and I am already fully aware of my problem but days like this just put me right in check.. It’s those darn weekends!! I hate it I am aware, I know it’s a problem and for some reason I just never , ever learn my lesson and it’s so frustrating!!!! I do soooo good monday threw friday and than the weekends come and my moral goes out the window!! I don’t know how to fix this. all I’m doing is throwing all this hard work I did out the window. My husband loves to cook, my kids are home and I am home with nothing to do and it’s just a mix for disaster. I hate hate hate it. I am so irritated right now. I am to the point where I feel like throwing my hands up and saying Ok i’m going to be fat forever apparently because I have no self control so I might as well eat whatever the gosh darn I please. . I am sooo close.. But yet I can’t.. I am so annoyed. *sigh*.. I just need to figure out something….. something… for the weekends… But what is the question

Anyways.. beside the eating everything in sight over the weekends.. This weekend was really good. We got a flat screen tv since ours was stolen last year and I decided to invest in the Wii so I can get fitness stuff and go outside of the gym box for a bit. So I also got The Biggest Loser Video game to go with it. I don’t have the balance board for the Wii yet so I can’t do all of it but at least I can do a variety for days like today when I didn’t go to the gym. (I blame the daylight savings time for that) lol I just could not get out of bed for the life of me. I feel like I’m slipping in my weight loss train and I am having a hard time setting both feet on the ground. It’s rather annoying.

What to do what to do. . . I dont know so if any suggestions are out there please let me know. I am at such a loss I feel so hopeless right now.. Why do I keep trying when I get nothing and just torture myself. !!!!!

***I will blog tomorrow about The biggest loser game and how that went.. I hear it really is a good work out***


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