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Friday, oh how I love you March 12, 2010

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So I weighed in this morning.. 196!!! I am so excited and very very grateful for that number. It made me feel a lot better about everything and just gave me a huge boost to keep going!!! And what a way to top off a Friday already.
Last night I decided to try a Mushroom Salmon recipe, oh my goodness it was heavenly. My husband was kind enough to make it for us and it was seriously the best thing I have had in a long time. If I can figure out how to make a tab on my page I am going to post it as I think everyone should try it . Seriously it’s soooo yummy. And I just had spinach on the side and it was all very very good.
I was off to the gym at about 5 AM this morning, what a killer. But now I feel so refreshed with the gym, seeing that number, being a Friday. Could it get any better? lol
So yesterday I was having the huge chocolate cravings so when I was at the store getting salmon I just noticed the little debbie picture and than I see 100 calories.. so of course it grabbed my attention.. it’s this cute little chocolate cake MINI.. like mini mini but they are adorably cute and small and chocolatey just enough to get over the craving. They are perrfect !!!!!! so I bought them and now I can just pop one of them in when I have that gotta have moment. Problem solved.
I am nervous for the weekend. To mess up, to ruin everything I worked so hard all week to achieve but I am not going to stress it. I just have to be in tone with my body and my eating at all times. The weekends are no exception and that’s the one thing I really need to realize. The weekends are very difficult especially when I have Rylee (my 9 month old) and Alexus (my 4 year old) and my husband who loves to eat!!! But thank god he is sooooo supportive. He loves to cook so he is always cooking healthy meals even though he really doesn’t like to . . he he he .. what a man though. I tell you I don’t know where I would be without him!
***Also to throw this in there. I am starting to get a lot of compliments about my weight loss.. FINALLY .. It just feels nice to have people , not friends or family, just noticing all the hard work.. And I can notice it in my clothing too and its just all starting and I love this new feeling! It really does make a difference and i’m finally FEELING it .. love love love it***


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