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The weekend how I hate you February 16, 2010

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Well I made it threw the 3 day weekend, I of course induldged a little bit which of course sucked and made me feel horrible but actually I did better than what I anticipated in doing. I had a few no no’s and ate a little bit more but for a three day weekend I thought I did pretty damn good lol. I weigh myself on Thursday so we’ll evaluate the damage at that time. haha. So I went shopping last night and bought a bunch of healthy stuff for the week so I’m totally prepared and It feels nice, also while shopping I decided to buy myself some new gym clothes and I was very happy to fit in the Large sizes vs the extra large. it was a small accomplishment but none the less It felt sooooo good.
This morning I went the gym (In my brand new gym clothes yay!) did 1 hr of cardio and was running late so I didn’t get to do any weight lifting or anything like that which I’m bummed about but hey one hour of cardio.. I can take that.
Anyways things on the home front are good, still stressed. Jason the hubby has been out of a job for months now and it just sucks so much, all of our stress, etc. roots from that problem and its becoming harder and harder to get over and brush under the rug so to speak. But everyday is a new challange and I hope he gets one soon before our lease is up. Because if not than at that time we will go our seperate ways, I do not want this to happen but for my sake and for my childrens sake something has to give. . Anyways its a new week and I’m ready to go .. Also way excited to watch
The Biggest Loser. It’s a huge motivational thing for me and oh how I love Jillian. lol ..


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