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Goodbye 200’s February 11, 2010

Filed under: *The weigh ins* — debi @ 7:44 am

Today is a day of triumph for me!! I got on that scale at 199.05 I am so excited !!!! It just felt so good to see that since I haven’t seen it in years and I feel like it just gave me that extra boost I needed. I don’t ever want to see that go up to the 200’s again. Ever!!! I’m trying not to get tooo excited because your weight fluxuates so much but still this is a great day and it finally feels like my efforts are being noticed.. by ME
Anyways last night I did very good and I’m proud of myself. I didn’t munch on one thing that wasn’t in my daily eating plan. So i was very happy for that. It is so hard when you are home with the family and relaxing and there is so much to eat. I feel like my mind is constantly on food. It slowly SLOWLY gets better but one day at a time! .. Today I went to the gym at 6AM and did cardio for an hour and a few weight lifting things, I was burnt out from the cardio since I usually only do 45 minutes so I didn’t do very much weights but I am glad to get that cardio in.

Well anyways today is going to be hard, Right after work I am going to my neices birthday party, tempted with pizza, cake, etc. Basically all the naughty kinds of food. I am doing so good I feel like my weight this morning was a test for me to see how bad I want this and i want it bad so I just have to control myself! I know I can and my husband is like my food police and sometimes I hate him for it but I love him so much for helping me. !!!!
Wish me luck today. I will prove to myself how much I want this.. I will !!!!


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