And again

Stinking iPod…I had a big long intricate thing earlier & it ATE it!! Boooo, iPod. :)

Anyways… So here goes take 2:

CONFESSION: I have gained 30lbs (net) since last fall (as of 5/27), mostly due to (I think) a complete 180 change in career & lifestyle. I went from BUSY BUSY & anxiously busy, to CAKEWALK, stress-free, higher pay, but dealing with food. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong! I’d much rather keep what I’ve got now, than to go back even a little. And it’s not that I haven’t been fighting the good fight, as I’ve actually yo-yo’ed around that 30 net lbs all year, but rather that I realize now that I have a big problem with CONSISTENCY & FOLLOW-THROUGH (*not* Motivation, as I had previously convinced myself).

So here’s the plan (same as usual): Diet – 50%+ veggies & fruits, majority of proteins shall be veggie-based, with the occasional pesce or bovine animal (parts! Not a whole one ;) LOL), gluten/yeast-free, cow’s milk dairy-free, artificial foods-free (so…including….gAsP! …soda! Duhn dun dunnnn), with a TON of water, & supplemental fiber daily.

I got this trick for “small steps”: Pick one goal to focus on for ONE WEEK. This week was no soda. I made it until yesterday, when a 3-day migraine (set off by lack of caffeine, I’m sure) made me lose my mind & I had a little (maybe 4 oz.) So I’ll call that a (mostly) WIN. Going to continue the no-soda again for next week. I’ll spend the rest of tonight pondering week 2’s official habit to break.

Happy Saturday! Namaste!! :)

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