Long time no see!

Posted by mrssparklingpersonality on March 2nd, 2012 |Filed Under Uncategorized | 3 Comments

This afternoon, I was headed out of Target when I bumped into one of my students from last year and his entire family (mom, dad, brother & sister). Their family had moved out of the area where I teach, and so she had withdrawn her son from my school. Anyhow, it was a surprise to see them because I haven’t seen them since last school year. I immediately recognized them and was waving and saying “hey!” But it took her (the mom) a moment to recognize me.

All of a sudden, she’s like, “Oh my God! You’ve lost so much weight!”

Wow. Not “hi, how are you doing, how’s the family”….. But a comment on the weight loss!

She was asking me all of the usual questions… What are you doing? How much weight have you lost? etc. And all of this while her husband was standing around and the kids were listening in… I was a bit embarrassed, but I think I concealed it well….

I guess this goes back to my original statement about being a little uncomfortable with the attention I’ve been getting. I rationalize it this way… how do I know that my weight loss really shows unless people comment about it? Right? I suppose that’s a positive way to look at things. Anyhoodles, it is very flattering that people continue to notice and make nice comments. And I am quite social and friendly… but I don’t like to be the *center* of attention. I’m quite content being on the fringes, thank you very much!

Well, on to my weekend diet endeavors!


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