Two years ago…

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Two years ago, at about this time, I was laying on a couch in my little condo, all alone, deciding on whether or not to call the doctor. I did indeed decide to call…. I didn’t speak to the actual doctor, I spoke with his nurse. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Um… I was putting (oldest son’s name) in his carseat this morning and one slight trickle ran down my leg. I know I didn’t pee on myself, but I’m wondering… could I be leaking amniotic fluid?
Her: Has any more leaked out since?
Me: No, but I’m having contractions on and off.
Her: You might be in labor, so I think you should go to the emergency room and get checked out.
Me: Okay.

So that’s what I did. I called dear hubby (DH) and told him I was heading over to the ER to get checked out. I left the house around 12 noon, headed to the hospital. Upon arrival, I was placed in triage.

Soon, a nurse came in to check and see if I was dilated… and YES indeed! I was already 3 1/2 cm dilated. And once the nurse checked me, my pain immediately escalated from 3-ish to 10! I told them, “Get me a room now! I’m in labor!”

I called DH and my mom, who called my dad. Between 3 and 4-ish, I was being rolled to the delivery room and given my epidural (I love those things). And at 7:34pm, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy…. weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces. Unlike my first baby boy, he was a total baldy. Just the slightest hint of peach fuzz on his head. But beautiful in every way imaginable. Tiny toes… tiny fingers… squinty eyes…

I am blessed to be the mother of two absolutely gorgeous, fun-loving, rambunctious little boys. And my youngest is two years old today. Happy birthday, sweetheart! Mommy loves you.

That 170s show

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Howdy folks. As of my last weigh-in, I was just 0.4 pounds away from weighing in under 180. Well I am happy to inform you that as of last week, I officially weighed in under 180! Yay me! The actual number on the scale: 177.8lbs.

I am thrilled. I haven’t actually weighed myself since last week because I’m on my TOM and I don’t want my scale to register extra pounds of water weight due to that monthly beast. So I’ll just wait until next week to weigh in, thank you very much! 🙂

I remember a point in time when it seemed like my weight was literally dragging me down. Now that I’m in the 170s, I feel healthier than I’ve felt in a while. I do have some personal problems going on in my life that are kind of making me feel like things are in shambles… but at least my weight loss is progressing. And that makes me happy. 🙂

Soooo… I’m all for conquering the 170s and moving on to the 160s. Who’s with me?

So close & loose clothes

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I weighed in today and I was SO CLOSE to being under 180 for the first time in 10 years! But alas, not quite. My CW is 180.4. Still low enough to make my toes tingle, though. And I’m not lyin’!

I’m no genius, but I can deduce that by this time next week, I’ll be firmly in the 170s. And do you know how excited that makes me? It makes me want to jump up and click my heels together like a little leprechaun.

I’m now 15.4lbs away from my goal weight! I haven’t been this “close” in years. It’s like I can almost taste my size 8. Or smell. Or feel. Whatever. The point is, I want to be able to slide on those single-digit pants without feeling like I’m about to squeeze the living daylights out of my gut.

Ooh! Ooh! And guess what? I put on one of my old size 12 pants to wear yesterday. It’s been FOREVER since I tried them on because they wouldn’t even come close to fastening. But yesterday, I wore them…. and they were LOOSE! Yay me! I can really feel the losses in my clothes now.

I hope to be posting weigh-ins in the 170s soon. Good luck & God speed on your weight loss endeavors, bloggie buddies!

Low energy days…

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It’s a beautiful, sunny, but not-too-hot day here in lovely south Florida… the perfect day for taking the kids to the park or doing some other fun outdoorsy activity. But instead of enjoying this day that God has blessed us with, I am sitting in the house. Watching tv. Eating mostly diet-friendly foods (kind of). Why am I being such a stick-in-the-mud? For some reason, my energy levels have been low lately.

I find that I’m not even able to get going without a sugar free Red Bull in the mornings. I tried a sublingual B12 supplement, but it’s not working for me. I absolutely love coffee, but I don’t like drinking it without all of the cream and sugar that I love, hehe ;). So sugar free Red Bull it is.

Now I fully realize that this is not the healthiest drink in the world. That’s why I try not to drink it every day. Like today for instance, I decided not to drink it. But now, I feel like I’m draggingggg… And with two toddlers, that’s a crappy way to feel.

Any suggestions on keeping my energy levels up?

Long time no see!

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This afternoon, I was headed out of Target when I bumped into one of my students from last year and his entire family (mom, dad, brother & sister). Their family had moved out of the area where I teach, and so she had withdrawn her son from my school. Anyhow, it was a surprise to see them because I haven’t seen them since last school year. I immediately recognized them and was waving and saying “hey!” But it took her (the mom) a moment to recognize me.

All of a sudden, she’s like, “Oh my God! You’ve lost so much weight!”

Wow. Not “hi, how are you doing, how’s the family”….. But a comment on the weight loss!

She was asking me all of the usual questions… What are you doing? How much weight have you lost? etc. And all of this while her husband was standing around and the kids were listening in… I was a bit embarrassed, but I think I concealed it well….

I guess this goes back to my original statement about being a little uncomfortable with the attention I’ve been getting. I rationalize it this way… how do I know that my weight loss really shows unless people comment about it? Right? I suppose that’s a positive way to look at things. Anyhoodles, it is very flattering that people continue to notice and make nice comments. And I am quite social and friendly… but I don’t like to be the *center* of attention. I’m quite content being on the fringes, thank you very much!

Well, on to my weekend diet endeavors!

You Can Dukan!

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Hey party peoplez in the place to be! I was browsing around some blogs and I saw a few people doing something called the Dukan Diet. I had never heard of this diet before, so I decided to google it. If you go to the Dukan Diet website you can calculate what Dr. Dukan refers to as your “true weight”. This is the weight you can get down to and maintain healthily. I was intrigued immediately, because most doctors tell me I should strive to be 150lbs at 5’8″ tall, when the last time I weighed that puny amount was probably in fifth grade! Losers!

So anyhow, I plugged in all my stats (e.g. female, how much I weigh now, my highest weight ever, how many pregnancies I’ve had, etc.) There are other questions, but I’m simplifying here. The website calculated a “true weight” for me and it was….. *drumroll please*….. 165lbs! So BOO-YAH and IN YO FACE to all the doctors who’ve told me that I need to get my body to an unhealthy place! I feel so justified and happy now. I even did a happy dance. 🙂

So, I changed my weigh-in page to reflect my NEW weight loss goal of 165lbs, not 160lbs. It’s only a 5lb difference from what I was striving for originally, but trust me, 165lbs is really IT! When I was in high school cheerleading, that is what I weighed! It was my lowest weight ever….

And I’m less than 20 pounds away now. Hooray for me!

After I’m finished with my current regimen, I might hop on the Dukan bandwagon. For now, I’ll just say, “Thanks, doc!”

Chugging along!

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Weighed in at 183.6 today, and still chug-chuggin along! I’m way proud of myself. Stepping onto the scale and seeing numbers in the low 180s isn’t exactly the stuff dreams are made up, but I believe the last time I saw numbers this low was in undergrad! So we’re talking almost 10 years ago.

I’m yearning and burning to get down into the 170s. I’m less than 4 pounds away now. But sometimes, when something is so close, it also feels soooo far away. Have you ever had that sensation?

I guess my weight loss is really starting to show now, because people at work are stopping me and exclaiming, “Oh my God! You’ve lost so much weight! What are you doing?” I’m a wee bit shy, so all of this attention is not really my cup of tea. But I know it’s for an awesome reason, and I know that *when* I lose more weight, that it will only intensify. I suppose I will have to just deal with that. Because I fully intend to rock a sexy bod this summer!

Busy bee me

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I was looking at my last post, and it might as well have been a whole year ago! I have been crazy busy at work getting my 3rd graders ready for the FCAT. For any non-Floridian readers, the FCAT is “the” test students take in various grade levels to determine their proficiency. For 3rd graders, the stakes are particularly high. If they don’t demonstrate mastery of the skills, they repeat third grade. And for me, their teacher, the stakes are high as well. Of course, I am doing ALL that I possibly can to help them. But I feel the pressure big time. I feel like if they fail, that I have failed them….

So anyhow, I’ve been spending extra time at work. Then, I pick up my boys from the daycare, come home and cook dinner/clean/do laundry/whatever household chores need to be done. By the time the boys are down in their beds, I’m exhausted and not really thinking about posting anything.

But I really do love blogging. It’s a great release, and I love to document my weight loss on here. If I’m doing well, it makes me feel extra super-duper proud. So here’s a little “yay me” moment… I’m down to 185.8! Woot woot! I haven’t been this low since college. I’m so excited to be dwindling dwindling. I feel like I’m finally starting to look and feel like the sexy vixen that’s been hiding under all of my layers of fat.

I’ve still got my eyes on the “grand” prize of losing as much weight as possible by my 30th birthday (late March). I know it’s a stretch to get to 160, but if I can at least get into the low 170s, I will be a very happy camper!

Good luck & God bless you all, bloggie buddies! 🙂

C25K, Water intake, & Bubble guts

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Okay, I know the title for this blog post is all kinds of random, so let’s just take it one topic at a time, huh?! 🙂

First, I downloaded the C25K App onto my phone and it’s epically awesome & cool! If you’ve never heard of C25K, it basically stands for “Couch to 5K”. This little program helps you to transform from a couch potato into 5K-running, lean, mean machine….and all in 9 short weeks! (Well, maybe not the lean, mean part).

Now, let me tell you why my App is so Uber-Cool. It is so easy to use, first of all. Second, it automatically indicates when you are supposed to walk/jog. Then, once you’ve finished with your session, it checks off that you’ve completed that day AND automatically loads the following session. Wowzers! Ok, maybe I’m a little too excited about my stinkie little app, but I’m also looking forward to being able to jog a 5K!

Moving on from that to my habit-a-week challenge, which was to increase my water intake. Haven’t been doing so splendiforously with that one. It’s actually linked to my third topic, so I’ll dive right on in…

I got a major case of the bubble guts yesterday. I’m talking queasy, morning-sickness type of bubble guts (and no, I’m not preggers!) Ugggghhhhh…. it was not a pretty sight. I could barely eat or drink. Today is a little bit better because I’ve been able to drink fluids and eat crackers. But I’m not drinking to try to meet some water goal. I’m just trying to get myself better so I can get back to normal. I missed playing with my boys last night. I had to lie down on the couch and supervise their activities from that position. Talk about an ineffective way to watch a 2-year old and a 1-year old! They wreaked total havoc in the house…. But that’s another post all together.

Speaking of 2-year old, my oldest turns three next week Monday! I want him to remember me as a skinny, active, fun-loving mommy…not a tub-o-lard, couch potato mommy. People say it’s best to do things for yourself, but thinking about my children gives me motivation too….

Okay! I’m done now! 🙂

Lyn’s Habit-A-Week Challenge

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Howdy, peoplez! I just discovered a little gem of a blog amongst all of the many weight-loss blogs out there. It’s called Escape from Obesity and you can click here to take a peek. Basically, the woman who initiated the site is on Medifast, and has lost something like 100 pounds. She started the Habit-A-Week Challenge for those who are frustrated at what steps to take to begin losing weight. With this challenge, you begin by making one small step towards your health goals for the first week. Then, you add another small step the next week while maintaining the step you made the previous week. This continues for 16 weeks, until you have mastered 16 awesome health-increasing tips!

The Week 1 Habit is “Drink Your Water!”. I’m already faltering with this one, so it might take me a little bit longer than a week to complete. But it is such an outstanding habit to have, so I’m glad Lyn decided to make it the first habit.

In addition to my low-carbing it for a while, I hope that this challenge helps me to stay motivated & to lose these extra pounds!

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