200.6 hit and miss 1740 calories

April 25th, 2011 by morrigan

I wrote stuff down M, T, W last week … then stuffed myself. Th, Fri, Sat Sun
Lost 1/2 lb since Monday – but then it was tom last month, so my weight was a bit inflated last week.

170 egg and toast
030 creamer
110 blueberry bar
350 turkey sub
100 banana
050 blueberries
240 wine
300 sloppy joe sauce (I made it for the kids, then ate the leftovers)
100 almonds
200 bread (homemade – leftover from Easter)
90 cheese

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and then today happened

April 21st, 2011 by morrigan

let’s see…
last night I was all happy about the 1300 and then ate a small slice of cake and about a cup of meaty spaghetti sauce and a glass of milk and a 1/2 bowl of cereal.  Let’s just call that an extra 150+ 300 + 150 + oh and a bunch of crackers + 150.  So it really was a 2050 calorie day. 

Today I had egg/toast/spinach mushrooms and coffee with creamer for 90+70+20.
Lunch was a 6″ sub (300) and then snack (110) and then wine (120) and then almonds (100) and then chili (400) and then pasta stuff (200) + a shot of rum 🙂 50 and some malted ball things (50).  So today I had about 1510 total.

No excercise all week 🙁

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199.6 :) 1300 calorie day

April 20th, 2011 by morrigan

Tip of the Day
Keep snacks in the car – simple emergency stuff like apples, luna bars, or dried fruit.

I most often overeat because I get home and am starving so I munch, munch, munch (wine cheese crackers hummus whatever is around) and then I have dinner two hours later.  It probably amounts to two dinners a day.  

Solution:  A ready to go snack in the car.  

I eat it when I get off work and by the time I get home I am not starving and do a much better job of making it through till dinner without snacking.

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April 19th, 2011 by morrigan

1300 calorie day today and I got a massage for hitting 200!
I just imagined being younger and celebrating weighing 200lbs.  Can’t picture it.

Our work group is doing tip of the days.  Here was today.

All the latest research shows that how high you get your heart rate can be more important than how long you work out for.

So no time for a workout dont worry.  Just fit in 10 minutes of cardio anyway here and there when you can.


Working out used to be a ritual for me.  I would go to the SWAC, jog Travers, do weights, yoga, maybe a swim, long shower, sauna..

I did this for years.  Even a quick trip to the gym takes me 2 hours.


So at some point, I stopped going because I didnt have enough time.  (stupid I realize)

Last week I was pissed because I worked late and only had 15 minutes till I had to pick up Anna from swimming.

I went upstairs and pedaled as hard as I could for 15 minutes.

No cute outfit.
No shower after.
Just a good heart rate for 10 minutes.

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Start of my workgroup diet thing

April 18th, 2011 by morrigan

Of course the scale at work weighed my 2 lbs higher than the scale at home.
Might have been the coffee, breakfast and clothing.
Breakfast and coffee: 200
Almonds: 140
Rice with veggies and tofu: 240
Apple: 90
Dinner: stir fry veggies with chicken, salad 400

Total for the day 1070.  skipped the wine, pasta and french bread that the rest of the fam got for dinner

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199.6 A week of complacency

April 17th, 2011 by morrigan

I am joining/starting a dieting group at work tomorrow morning.
And starting to journal my diet daily as of tomorrow (what I meant to do here, but haven’t).
I have dieted enough in my life (jounaled daily calorie intake for several years) to know that for me (at least in my 20’s and 30’s.

1200 cal = 2-3 lbs loss each week. 
1400 cal = 1-2 lbs loss each week.
1600 cal = 1-2 lbs lost every two weeks.
1800 cal = weight stays the same

It sucks being short.


I am going to go for a 1200 calorie push till I hit 190.
Then take a 1600 calorie break for a few weeks.
Then a 1200 calorie per day push for 180.

I probably should do 5 lbs increments, but I just really want to be thin again and feel like I am actually on a roll to make it this time.



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April 14th, 2011 by morrigan

Still a ways away from my old warddrobe, but 200 is such a big mental hurdle.

My day is brighter.

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200.6 – so close!

April 12th, 2011 by morrigan

Today I was working on getting a weight loss group going at work.
It is really tough to find a scale for anyone over 300 lbs.  After talking to a few co-workers I found they can only find out their weight at the hospital, dr. office, or weight watchers.  All the other scales max out at 300. 

I couldn’t belieive it.  With the vast amount of obese people in our country you would think there would be an inexpensive option for them to buy a scale with which they could weigh themselves.

My gym has a scale that goes to 400, I am going to try to get permission from the club owner to let one lady weigh in there.  But the other one has no options other than once a year at her doctors.  Crazy.

Mini Victory: I squeezed in a 20 minute bike while my daughter finished up swim team instead of sitting around chatting with the other moms.  Even got sweaty!

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201.0 It has been so long since I saw a number that low, I think my heart skipped a beat.

April 11th, 2011 by morrigan

Some co-workers were complaining they couldn’t get our secretary to run a WW at work program (she is a leader for WW as her second job).  I looked into and there are a lot of requirements and up front $ for corporate WW. 

Being me, I put up fliers, found a room with a scale, and spent $20 at a stationary store for cute little notebooks and stickers.  We start our own weight loss support group next Monday before work – for less start up cost than 1 person 1 month in a program.

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202.6 hurray

April 10th, 2011 by morrigan

I have been sick all week with no appetite. 
I may actually get into onderland if I don’t get better soon.
This may be the slowest weight loss attempt ever.
This morning I burnt my egg.  I had salsa for lunch.
I am recouperated from my shin splints after my triatholon debacle.
I can’t believe I spent half of my spring break sick. 
Not fair.
As long as I am complaining, does anyone else have a horrid problem with spam commenters on this blog site?

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