Welcome to our Blog.  This Blog is a journal of our journey to incorporate living a much healthier lifestyle through diet, exercise and breaking bad habits 🙂

My husband and I have agreed to do this journey together supporting each other.  Making lifestyle changes isn’t an easy thing to do.  Breaking bad habits and emotional bonds to an unhealthy way of life will be a challenge and we are ready to accept that challenge.

Our goal is to live life as a Healthy Habit 🙂

One of our downfalls was our love of food.  We truly love food and we love it together as a team.  We were addicted to sugar, salt and fat.  We love BBQ Restaurants, Steak Houses, Fast Food Restaurants like Carl’s Jr – the bigger the burger the better.

As with all things that are not good for you and years of abusing those things, in this case food, we found ourselves being unhealthy and fat.  I was being tested for Metabolic Syndrome and my husband was being taped constantly (Active Duty Army) due to his size and weight.

We realized we were paying the price for our indiscretions and our love affair with food, not healthy food but food that was actually making us sick and tired.

Our goal is to revise our thinking and our lifestyle to living a healthy habit where we no longer desire to indulge in bad habits, especially in our diet.  We have chosen to give up caffeine and to quit smoking, to incorporate more exercise and to find new hobbies that pertain to an active lifestyle.

At this mid point of our years in life, we are encouraged that by making these changes we can hopefully be there for our 4 young grandchildren.  We spent a good amount of time looking over the diets available and we chose the Ideal Protein Diet based on the literature and the success rates.  We also felt the explanation for why our bodies stored fat and the pancreas was overworked fit what we were seeing in our lives.

We officially started the Ideal Protein Diet (IP for short) on January 6th, 2011.  For almost three weeks before we officially started we began the process of eating healthier and it made a big difference in just that short amount of time.  My husband lost 14 lbs and I lost 12.

Welcome to our journey, we hope this blog will be an insight to making healthier choices as well as the ups and downs of changing 45+ years of unhealthy habits.  We hope this blog will show the reader the truth of change.