Well hopefully this is the last time I do this….

Update – May 9,2012

Well all I can say is my blogging habits are certainly not a metaphor for my healthy lifestyle/weight loss efforts! I currently weigh about 180 lbs. (but we’ll see where I stand Friday). As of now I am down 45 lbs. and 6 lbs. overweight! I think wearing a bikini this summer will actually be […]

Back from my hiatus.

I took a hiatus from diet mode. I needed to clear the air and just be healthy and exercise, without worrying about my weight. I’ll go back to weighing myself tomorrow. Also, I had midterms and spring break, so weight was the least of my concerns.

Mardi Gras & Lent

As you probably know by now, today is Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). So last year I gave up all drinks except for coffee (w/ milk and sugar) and water (including sparkling water). So naturally I had a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper and had celebrated over the weekend the way about 99% of college students do. […]

iPhone apps for weight loss

One of the great things about my iphone is all the cool apps I have. I have a ton of diet apps and have tried a few others out. Here are some I recommend. 1. Calorie Count – from www.caloriecount.com, you can keep track of all your food for free and you can even scan the […]

Overall a pretty good day…

I think I did fairly well. I’ll be the first to admit I had some unnecessary treats. I had a few praline truffles and I had a skinny caramel macchiato in the morning from Starbucks. But other than that I stuck to the plan and still kept my calories under 1600. Not to bad considering my date […]

Singles Awareness Day

I had a date for Valentine’s Day Last year. Two in fact. Their names were Ben & Jerry. I also had chocolate, soda and of course a chick flick. My school has a 2/1 female/male ratio, and their are a lot of gay men at my school so finding a date is nearly impossible. Once […]

TV and Eating

I love to watch TV. Not going to lie about that. And I have a very bad habit of mindlessly munching when I watch TV. There is something about it that just triggers me to eat. I, probably like a lot of people here, had a very ironic habit of eating junk food while watching […]

Seeing yourself differently…

I was going through some old Facebook photos. And by old I mean from before I lost weight, which was really only 5 months ago. I really didn’t realie how big I had gotten. I know I was overweight, but when I looked in the mirror, I thought I looked okay. Not great, but okay. […]