Well hopefully this is the last time I do this….

Rest Days

Anyone else feel guilty about taking a rest day from exercise? I always feel like I’m cheating, but in reality to get as fit as possible we need to take days off. Otherwise your body won’t recover and will continue to break down and increase the risk of injury. It is during your rest days […]

Weight Update – February 24, 2012

Weighed in today at 192.5. That is -1.6 from last week. I seem to be keeping a pretty steady pace right now. Though considering Spring Break is in 2 weeks, I wouldn’t mind seeing a big drop the next 2 weeks. Clearly I won’t hit 185, which was my goal, but I’ll be happy if […]

Mardi Gras & Lent

As you probably know by now, today is Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). So last year I gave up all drinks except for coffee (w/ milk and sugar) and water (including sparkling water). So naturally I had a 32 oz. Dr. Pepper and had celebrated over the weekend the way about 99% of college students do. […]

iPhone apps for weight loss

One of the great things about my iphone is all the cool apps I have. I have a ton of diet apps and have tried a few others out. Here are some I recommend. 1. Calorie Count – from www.caloriecount.com, you can keep track of all your food for free and you can even scan the […]

Just FYI about my color coding…

I color code pretty much everything. Including my posts on this blog (if you haven’t noticed). Food (Nutrition/Cooking) Fitness General Health (nerd posts) Rambling Weight Updates

Superfoods: Greek Yogurt

So I thought it would be fun to occasionally highlight some “superfoods”. By superfoods I mean really healthy foods that I have a lot of uses for, or just healthy foods I really like. Today I am going to talk about the wonders of greek yogurt. If you haven’t guessed, greek yogurt comes from Greece. […]

Weight Update – February 18, 2012

I weighed in today at 194.1, so a 1.7 lb. loss for the week. I thought I would do better because I ate very well all week and went to the gym 6 times. But I guess sometimes your body has other ideas. That said, 1.7 lb. loss isn’t bad. I’m hoping to improve my […]

Lifting weights without getting bulky…

I do a lot of strength training in my workouts. I have done so for months. I am NOT bulky. If I didn’t have those 20 lbs of excess weight (plus some vanity lbs.) I would think I would be very “toned”. That said, before I really started doing strength workouts, I was afraid I […]

Overall a pretty good day…

I think I did fairly well. I’ll be the first to admit I had some unnecessary treats. I had a few praline truffles and I had a skinny caramel macchiato in the morning from Starbucks. But other than that I stuck to the plan and still kept my calories under 1600. Not to bad considering my date […]

Singles Awareness Day

I had a date for Valentine’s Day Last year. Two in fact. Their names were Ben & Jerry. I also had chocolate, soda and of course a chick flick. My school has a 2/1 female/male ratio, and their are a lot of gay men at my school so finding a date is nearly impossible. Once […]